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That's why I called the male chat line last week.

I've been wanting a manpussy for a longtime.

" I smiled.

"And tonight's your night, baby.

" I pretended to be a shy girl again. Free 1 on 1 sex chat.

I looked at his cock and tilted my head.

"Do you want me to get it wet for you, teacher?" "You bet," said Dan.

"Then I want to shove it in that tight little cunt hole of yours until my balls are drained of cum.

" With a sweet girly voice, I said, "But how will I explain it to my boyfriend that my manpussy is filled with another man's cum while he's fucking me.

" "Don't you have a rubber?" said Dan.

"Good idea, baby," I said smiling.

"I only want one man to put his cum in me and that's my best boyfriend.

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But I have a rubber you can wear while you fuck me.

And my boyfriend will never know.

" "You're just like a little sorority slut," said Dan.

"One time, one of them left her diary in my classroom and I read it and she was writing about all the cock she was getting and how her pussy was always dripping wet with cum.

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She said she was getting fucked so much she couldn't afford the rubbers.

And frat boys spend all their money on beer and are too cheap to buy rubbers.

So, when I gave her back her diary, I handed her a bag with a hundred rubbers in it, too.

" Dan smiled widely.

"She really appreciated it, so she started coming to class with no panties on and giving me a full view of her pussy every day. Nude photos of tajik sexy women.

I kept giving her more condoms every few weeks and I asked her if she was enjoying them and she told me they were all getting used.

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