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After a beep and a click, Brander opened the door and led her in.

He tapped a pad on the wall as he closed the door behind them.

Wow, Ana said with a whistle as the lamps illuminated, casting a gentle glow across the spacious suite.

Brander touched the pad again. Sex buddy no sign up.

The fireplace in the corner lounge area by the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows breathed to life.

You certainly like to spoil yourself, don’t you? Ana spoke, entranced by the elegant room.

Brander walked ahead and offered a sly brush of his suit lapel with the back of his palm. Aurora jolie lesbian porn fuckbook 2018.

Talk to sexy girls online. Brander

To paraphrase: ‘Why bother with a Porsche engine if you’re going to put it in a Kia body?’ She rolled her eyes.


She winked.

See the wisdom of a charming young woman? At the bar, he poured a couple of glasses of brandy.

Do you mean like eating junk food and behaving like a teenager at a carnival? Fuck get hard watching wife. I mean like having fun, she said.

You’re having fun, aren’t you? Brander conceded with a nod, I certainly am, Ana.

Though I feel a touch guilty about abandoning an innocent lady at the bar.

She shrugged.

Oh, I wouldn’t say ‘Sasha’ was so innocent.

As he approached with the glasses, Ana held her hands behind her back, looking wistful.

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The teasing chatter seemed to relax her.

I guess there aren’t too many innocent people in Vegas, Brander conceded.

He handed her the glass.

Not even those wearing glasses and pretty blue dresses.

Ana apparently missed what he said and instead looked suspiciously at the swirling elixir. Bouncing tits webcam.

Considering what they had consumed earlier, he found it amusing she’d be so cautious when it came to fine brandy.

Go ahead, he said.

Trust me, it won’t burn.

Narrowing her eyes, Ana took a sip.

Mmm, very smooth, she purred, raising her brow.

But I should probably respect this as well?

Talk to sexy girls online. Brander
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Brander nodded.

Hmm… like what? Well, it tends to loosen up certain inhibitions in the body.

It’s a seductive drink, he said.

Ana fixated on the glass, smiling appreciatively.

He watched her take another sip.

He had trouble thinking about anything else but her, the warming effect of the alcohol enhancing her influence. Webcam girls blog.

A reflective silence lingered between them as they stood there in the intimacy and solitude of his suite.

Brander wondered if she was having as much trouble reading his thoughts and intentions as he was with her.

If this were a poker game, he’d be playing blind, relying purely on instinct.

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A burning compulsion moved him forward, leaned him towards her and angled his mouth to her lips.

Within a half inch of her face, he felt a sudden splash of liquid against his neck and chin.

The heady aroma of liquor quickly filled the air.

Oh! Oh my God! Mama hot sex. Ana exclaimed.

Sorry! I… oh, no! Your suit! Brander frowned and leaned back.

Brandy was still dripping down his chin and neck, running beneath the collar of his shirt.

So caught up in his impulsiveness, he wasn’t certain what exactly had happened.

Judging by Ana’s empty glass and startled expression, he could hazard a guess.

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Bemused, Brander stood back with a crooked grin, his hands aside.

He sighed, This is what you meant when you said you wanted to mess up my zippy suit? Ana was still apologizing as she ran over to the bar to grab a towel.

She came back and immediately patted his shirt and coat. Katty l67 webcam show.

I am so sorry, Brander! I’ll pay for the cleaning! I don’t know what I was thinking! I flinched.

No worries, Brander chuckled as he took the towel from her.

He snickered again while regarding her.

She hadn’t been spared either.

Flecks of brandy speckled her glasses and droplets beaded on her dress.

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She had really done a number.

Maybe you should take a shower, Ana sighed.

He nodded.


You first.

She hesitated again.

What? Wouldn’t be a good idea for you to go walking around Vegas smelling like a distillery, right? Dab the brandy from your dress.

She chewed on her bottom lip. Sweet696969 malayalam sex chat number.

Go on, he nodded towards the bathroom.

Take a robe with you.

With a sheepish pout, Ana sighed and silently shuffled to the bathroom.

She paused at the door and turned back to Brander.

Still fun, right? she said with an anxious giggle.

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