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Sport & sex. began

“Please, call me Harold when we’re alone,” he muttered.

Harold began moving me onto the bed before settling on top of me.

Enveloped by him, with my legs curled around his big hips, his lips began to explore my entire head. Catie minx anal sex.

I was tingling with excitement as he took possession of me.

After what seemed like an endless period of bliss Harold lifted up and told me to turn onto my stomach.

When his dick-head located my pucker he said, “Once I enter this hole, you belong to me. Granny for fucks orleans.

” “Yes sir,” I whimpered.

When the pressure of his cock began to prise me open Harold groaned contentedly.

My manhole increasingly adapted to his girth, challenged as never before.

The discomfort was totally gratifying and I couldn’t wait for his thrusting to commence. Young girls flashing on webcam.

Sport & sex. Harold

Teasing me, he first held still for a short while.

“Please, please fuck me,” I began to plead.

As his hips began their slow rhythm Harold began to grunt with excitement. Free sex text chat with no registation.

Nestled in his clammy embrace he humped my much smaller frame.

When his huge lips suctioned onto my ear Harold pushed a massive thumb into my mouth, securing my head between his to hands.

I sighed like a contented baby with two large pacifiers, one in my mouth and the other in my backside. Naked sex from behind pov.

With his fat tongue exploring every crevice of my ear I suckled on his thumb.

Harold kept a steady tempo going as his knob caressed my sphincter.

I had never experienced anything more heavenly in my life.

‘Oh god, please don’t let this stop,’ I intoned in my mind. Vip porno chat com cam.

Sport & sex. Harold

With ever increasing momentum Harold began to hump me harder and harder.

I was so turned-on that my balls began to erupt.

Aware that I had unloaded Harold lifted onto his arms and really began ramming his thick knob into me. Life sex cams.

As he growled I could feel the contents of his heavy balls spraying into me.

“Jesus… oh dear Jesus, that was awesome.

You belong to me now Darren,” he decreed possessively.

Afterwards, Harold cocooned my body for several minutes.

When Harold finally got off me I was instructed to change my body position, and lay on my back with my head on the pillows.

Sport & sex.