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I could tell what was coming next, but these guys had already fingered me and I was still wet and horny.

"I need the A," I shyly responded.

Coach smiled and led me to the couch, shooing the guys off to give me room to lie down on my back. Canada online sex video webcam.

I was completely naked except for the socks I was wearing.

Coach grabbed a Walgreens bag that was on the mantel and pulled out a few boxes of condoms in different sizes.

"I had most of you in my health class so you should all know about practicing safe sex. Trisha sex images hd.

If you want to participate in this next part, you need to cover up.

" Coach dropped his shorts and red plaid boxers, his hard eight-inch cock standing straight up in the air as he unwrapped a large condom and slid it on his dick.

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Getting on his knees on the couch between my legs, Coach angled his head against my wet tight pussy.

"This is the missionary position, the most common one for sex.

It's the most romantic because you can make eye contact and kiss while making love to your woman. Sorority fuck party.

It also allows you to get at the right angle if you are going for that A-spot.

Now remember, especially with younger or smaller girls like Kendall, you should go slow and judge her responses before going deep or building up to faster speeds.

" Coach gently pushed his long dick into my wet pussy and I tried to relax my muscles to let him in.

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His big dick spread me wider and deeper than anybody before, causing incredible pleasure and a little pain. Sex clubs in thailand.

He worked his dick in until his head touched my cervix and I shuddered.

"See that, boys? I just touched her cervix at the back of Kendall's vagina and it caused her pain.

Now, her A-spot is right above her cervix, so if she's not enjoying that sensation, it's your responsibility to not go that deep again. Real teen sex cam.

This takes control and discipline.

" He began slowly rocking his dick in and out, careful not to go all the way in.

"I'm figuring out my rhythm, making sure not to hit her back wall.

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Notice how she shifts and breathes as my head goes past her g-spot? That tells me how far I should pull out before going back in.

Now who wants to try next?" I was bummed when he pulled out, but kind of excited when Zack approached next.

Zack's dick was six inches and I was so happy that he peeled his shirt off, revealing his large pecs, toned abs, large biceps and short brown hairs all over his chest, spaced far apart. Live video indian sex.

He was a little too quick to enter and Coach advised him to slow that part down. Images porno chate.

I made eye contact with Zack as he began to fuck me, going balls deep and not long enough to hit my wall.

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