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Cliff took over and eased the boat into the slip. He and Tammy secured it. Cliff got a hose and brush so they could wash it down. When they finished, he took the fish to the cleaning table and filleted the fish. She put the meat into plastic bags and placed them in the cooler.

In the truck, Cliff glanced at his sister. She smiled and reached across the center armrest, placing her hand on his arm.

How would you like to go out tonight?” Cliff said.

Grinning, Tammy said, “Like on a date?”

Not like a date, on a date. Will you go out with me tonight?”

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“Yes. Where are you taking me?”

“We’ll go to a nice restaurant and have dinner,” Cliff said.

At home, Tammy and Cliff went to their rooms. She told him to shower first because it takes her longer. While her brother showered, Tammy went through her closet to find an outfit for her first date with her brother. She selected a cute short dress and placed it on her bed.

“The bathroom is all yours,” Cliff said after rapping on the door to Tammy’s room.

Tammy opened the door and stepped into the bathroom.

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