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I felt her lips tracing a line down my neck and again I shivered, which made her giggle.

I could also feel her hands working the buttons on my shirt.

When she finished her hands slid across my chest softly; this slid the shirt off.

I kissed her earlobe and sucked it, which made her shiver. Breaths sex web cam.

I chuckled and moved down her neck with soft kisses which made her moan.

Now her hands were tugging at the drawstring to the shorts I was wearing.

She untied it and moved down inside and found my hard cock.

We both moaned in pleasure when she did.

Katie looked into my eyes; I could see the fire of lust in her eyes. Live sex cam bongacam free.

She growled, Lay down, lover; I need to taste it,I dropped the shorts and got on the bed.

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Katie crawled to where I had laid down.

She looked like a tiger stalking its prey.

She kissed the head of my dick softly.

I gasped from the pleasure.

Katie looked directly into my eyes as she took my entire 8 inches into her mouth. Chocolate sex stories.

Her tongue was caressing my length as she moved her head up and down my shaft.

Very quickly I could feel my balls tighten up indicating my orgasm.

I said, Baby, I’m so close,She looked me directly in the eyes, and then winked her left eye.

That set me off. Jena muj porno romantika skachat.

I yelled as I shot my cum into her mouth, KATIE!!!!!She swallowed all of my goo, and then licked the remainder off my cock.

Katie crawled up to my head.

I kissed her tenderly tasting my seed.

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She asked, Was it good, Johnnie?I said as I pulled her close, Damn, Katie-doll, you know it was,Her head was on my chest and her left hand grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. Indian hidden sex cam videos.

She looked up at me and said, Johnnie, you’re the greatest man I’ve ever known,I replied with a catch in my throat, Katie-doll, you’re the greatest woman I’ve ever known,I thought, ‘I couldn’t give her up for anything.

God help me, I think I’m falling in love with her. Fuck married woman savannah georgia.

’ Katie asked, What’s running through your head, babe?I said, Just that you’re very special, Katie,Katie kissed me and said, And so are you.

By this time, her work on my cock had made it hard again.

Sexytabitha adult chat room one on one webcam. Katie

Mmm, Johnnie, looks like you’re ready.

She straddled my hips and aimed the head of my cock for her pussy. Essex pictures company.

She crouched down more and I slipped into her velvet depths.

I growled, Damn!As I slid further inside her, Katie’s eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed as she came again.

She pitched forward and I caught her and held her as I slowly moved my dick inside her. Blacks cocks fucking my white wife.

She moaned with pleasure as I bottomed out with each stroke inside her now very wet pussy.

She rose up and began to fuck me with purpose.

She moaned as we fucked each other, Uh.



Yes!Her pussy had my cock in a vice-like grip as we fucked.

I moaned, Katie, I’m going to cum,In me, Johnnie, give it to me!!My balls were boiling, then with a roar I came.

Sexytabitha adult chat room one on one webcam. Katie
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I shot so many spurts I lost count.

Katie was cumming with me.

JOHNNIE!! Fuck!!She screamed.

She collapsed on my chest.

We lay in each other’s arms, breathing like we ran a marathon.

Finally, Katie looked up with a smile on her face and said, That was fuckin’ incredible, Johnnie.

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