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I felt so sexy like that, wearing just my sheer buttoned blouse, and a very happy and contented smile, and nothing else.

My right hand stayed wrapped around his still-hard cock, which had just emptied itself deep into me, as I helped him back into his tight jeans. Naked petite women sex in car.

I gently tucked his wonderful still-hard cock, now thoroughly soaked in my girl juices, back under his zipper.

I watched him slip back into his blue denim shirt, which nearly matched the color of his tight jeans, and which hugged every wonderful muscle of his gorgeous hairy chest. Top 10 sex web.

He let me rebutton him, and I took every opportunity to touch his strong chest as I buttoned him up.

Dave kissed my left foot, then my right foot, before slipping my feet back into my knee-high boots.

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He gently caressed my legs and thighs, as he zipped my boots back up on me. Webcam sex bongacams.

The way he did that sent shivers of pure sexual delight rippling through my freshly fucked pussy.

Dave rezipped the side of my skirt, caressing the curves of my hips in the process, and causing me to purr happily yet again.

I left my panties off, as I smoothed-down the hem of my skirt. My sex chatroom.

You aren’t putting your panties back on? he asked, surprised.

They’re too wet, I smiled, from dreaming about your beautiful cock all morning.

Mmmm! Dave smiled, kissing my mouth sweetly.

And I’m too full of your come, and mine, right now, to wear panties. Tst-model sexgirls throw their desire video.

I rolled up my tiny panties into a ball.

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Besides, I giggled, I want YOU to have my panties! As a souvenir of the wonderful and very hard fuck you just gave me.

With that, I told him Thank you, and I stuffed my drenched panties down the front of his tight jeans. Sexy dresses for petite girls.

I smiled happily, as my fingertips felt the powerful throb of his very hard cock, thoroughly coated in my juices, for one last time.

As Dave walked me to my car, so I could drive off to work, I kissed him good bye, patted his lovely trouser bulge, and thanked him for a truly wonderful morning. Malay tudung girls fuckin stories.

Smiling and winking, I asked him if I could come by for dinner tonight.

You'll be serving-up sausage and gravy to my hungry mouth tonight, won’t you?

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With that, I kissed his trouser bulge, climbed into my car, and drove off to the office.

I barely noticed the traffic around me, as I drove on auto-pilot, until I got to my desk. Mastercock25 sex on the web.

I had been in total la-la land as I drove, because my head was so filled with so many sweet memories of what we had just done.

And with the anticipation of what my mouth will be hungrily wrapping itself around tonight.

Plus, as I worked in the office, my new blouse, which had inspired our morning fun in the first place, was still clinging tightly to my every curve. Asian webcam shows.

Still showing off my very hard nipples, still making me feel so sexy and so powerfully sexual.

And last but by no means least, my pussy was still filled with something, too.

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Filled-up with gallons of something warm and gooey and sticky and wonderful.

Filled with a sweet, thoughtful present, the best present any woman could ever want, which my man had just so lovingly given to me, and which I would get to carry around deep inside of me for the rest of the day. Carlotta ferlito xxx porno.

I am, indeed, truly the luckiest woman on the planet.

As you stand up and wipe your hand across your mouth, you give me a devilish grin.

I decide to guide you over to the couch, and sit you down on coffee table.

We start a little kissing and stroking, but we soon get down to business - must be all of the pent up frustration from the day. Sexy men for women.

I have you bend over in front of me, kneeling on the coffee table.

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I roll your panties down your legs.

Then I get to lick and finger your holes.

You writhe in pleasure, just trying to hold yourself up.

The harder I push into you, the hotter you get - and the louder you get. Two-way free video sex chat.

You finally roll back on me and onto the couch, looking for a break.

But it isn't to be.

I keep my fingers inside you and work them slowly.

You are so hot, wet, naked and swollen, having just been worked over for the first time, and you look fucking incredible. Mon fucks with son friends.

Your hips begin to move against my fingers again, your breath still heavy and your hair a mess.

Your protests give way to moans as you begin to rally - up for a little more.

I fuck you with my hand for what seems like ages.

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I'm not sure who is enjoying themselves more. Dating tring sex.

Watching your body squirm, your mouth open, moaning and breathing heavily, your eyes closed, and your hands grasping at my body - all because of my efforts - just feels incredible.

I feel like I am in control, and that's just the way you want it.

You finally make me stop, after what I believe is your third orgasm. Cam sexe gratuite.

Your whole body is flushed, and you have a drunken grin on your face, with your hair all messed up in front.

You look satisfied.

You decide it is my turn again.

We move onto the bed and remove the rest of our clothes.

My cock is standing at attention, ready to get in on the action. Older tulare women fucking.

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You get on your knees and wrap your hands around it - gently stroking it while looking at it and up at me.

There is something about looking down at your naked body, knowing your pussy is still wet and swollen from being worked over - seeing in your eyes the lust - it makes me want to explode.

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