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I grabbed her legs as she straddled me and used them for leverage to be able to push back against David's thrusts, to drive his cock deeper into my aching cunt. Text sex chat mobile website.

I was so hungry with lust.

I wanted him to fuck me hard.

My passion had taken over and I became insatiable.

"David, please, fuck me faster.

harder," I begged.

But my plea fell on deaf ears and he kept the slow, even thrusts that were driving me mad with desire. Ivanna20 one on one cam sex.

My mind was in a fog when I noticed a musky smell and opened my eyes to see Becky's pussy directly over my face.

She still held onto my legs, keeping my pussy open to David, but at the same time, she had squatted down bringing her pussy to my mouth.

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Hungrily, I grabbed her hips and brought her pussy to my mouth.

I dove in with my tongue, tasting the wetness of her pussy and enjoying her woman smell as I greedily devoured every drop of moisture around her lips.

I pulled her roughly on top of me as I pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy. Sexy people photos.

I felt her walls spasm and was rewarded with more liquid which I readily devoured.

I felt David thrusting deeper and harder into my pussy as my tongue found Becky's clit.

I held her hips in place so I could torment her with my tongue as my body thrust back on David's cock, forcing him deeper still. Petalsofjoy webcam chat straguer sex.

I felt Becky push down on my legs, forcing my knees closer to my chest and my pussy raised to David's penetration.

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He seemed to lean forward which in turn drove his cock deeper still. Sexy redhead crossdresser webcam.

I felt him start to pound against my pussy as he drove his cock relentlessly into my cunt.

His balls were bouncing against my hips with each thrust.

Fingers found my clit and were harshly rubbing it over and over.

My moisture made them slide so effortlessly back and forth, round and round. The amazing world of gumball gay sex.

Lust had taken over all three of us and our movements became erratic.

David was thrusting deeper and harder as he fucked my pussy faster.

I could hear him verbally grunt with every thrust.

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Becky was moaning and trying to move her pussy off my mouth, but I held onto her hips, forcing my tongue to fuck deep into her cunt.

I could hear the moist sounds I was making as I toyed with her pussy and taking breaths every chance I could.

The three of us were lost in out own worlds, our own pleasure as we sought to give as much as we were getting. Online dating sex chat.

I was ready to explode as I felt David's cock rock hard inside me.

I knew it would not be long before he came inside me.

Becky's walls of her pussy were in total spasm as they clamped down on my tongue. Chocolate black sex.

We were all primed and ready.

I don't know which one of us came first.

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