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Amy took a moment to regain her composure. Sexy hot butt naked men. She was only partially successful.

Still giggling, she said, "May I now describe the menu to our friend?"

"Go for it." Mel was grinning

"For the basic forty dollar dance we'd sit in our chair with our panties off and our legs spread and masturbate while the guy did the same thing in his chair. For ten dollars more we'd take off our shoes and rest our feet on the padded window sill while we masturbated. Sexy naked suck penis slowly. The guy was welcome to massage our feet. For an additional ten dollars he could kiss and lick our feet while we masturbated for him.

Believe me, those were two very popular options."

Chuckling, Mel said, "You're damn right about that. Free sexy blonde porn videos. There were nights when I nearly had my toes sucked off. It seems to me like nobody wants to fuck anymore. Guys want to kiss and lick my feet, then they want to lick my ass. Sexy hot naked blonde girls. When they're finished doing that they want me to sit on their faces and twist their nipples." She looked at me and said, "Michael Nolan you may remember that we did all of that in the VIP room this afternoon."

"I didn't lick your ass."

"You're right, but the night is still young."

"Is that a promise?"

"Damn right sweetie."

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Rolling her eyes while she laughed Amy said, "May I please continue?"

Mel answered in her most polite tone of voice. "Please do."

"For an extra fifty dollars we'd give a guy a hand job and for a hundred dollars we'd kneel on the foot stool and suck his cock."

Both Mel and Amy stared at me.

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