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He got a good suck going, working it, in and out, sometimes fast, and sometimes slow.

He sucked it for a few minutes, and then they swapped places.

I took my eyes off the movie to look at Gene.

He looked like a student who didn’t want to fail a test.

He studied every move these two studs made. Sexy webcam chick.

He was really getting into it.

I guess I was too.

In the next scene, the same two guys, now butt naked on the floor (how ironic), were making out again.

Then, they quickly flipped around and 69’d each other.

That was the scene that drove my wife insane when we watched it earlier… These two guys deep throated each other for a while, until one guy sat up, and the other guy got on all fours. Laura angel sex movies.

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He was about to get fucked.

The guy on all fours was now moving his ass around, almost as if to say ‘Catch me if you can.

Well, it didn’t take long for the guy on top to find his hole, spit in it, and slowly bury his bare cock in it.

Then he started pumping. Angelalan sex live telugu videos.

And pumping.

And pumping.

And pumping… After seeing that I looked at Vicki and her pussy was soaked.

I started to fantasize that a hot young chick was between her legs eating the hell out of pussy.

I really think she’d love it! Turning back to the movie, the guy on top was still pumping and pumping his huge cock in the other guy’s ass. Sexy milf dildo.

The guy on the bottom had his head resting on his arms, while his hard cock swung around from the motion of being fucked.

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Watching this guy’s hard cock swing around actually turned me on, so much so that I felt a good bit of pre-cum ooze out of my cock. Guest wap sex usa hd.

Then, it oozed out again, so I put some on my finger and licked it off.

To my surprise, I liked the taste, and was now looking forward to having Gene shoot his load off in my mouth.

Mesmerized just a minute ago, Gene made the first move and kissed me, and I kissed him back. Holly sweet transsexual porn star.

We did it the exact same way as we saw in the movie.

My tongue enjoyed the sensation, and we were soon making out on the floor like a couple of wild teenagers.

We kissed for a while, pinched each other’s nipples, pumped each other’s cock, and anticipated what was to come next.

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It was now time to make one of Vicki’s hottest fantasies a reality, and deep-throat each other.

We got into a 69 position, and sucked each other with far more passion than the guys did in the movie.

I loved the feel of Gene’s cock moving around in my mouth, and the taste of his pre-cum. Fuck buddies 55125.

To my surprise, I was able to put his entire cock in my mouth and felt it in my throat.

He was able to do it too.

While watching us deep-throat each other, Vicki got down on the floor with us.

Hotter than fuck, she rubbed her tits and insanely wet pussy all over the two of us. Ivonneheaven s bio and free webcam.

Vicki again got her sex chant going, Suck it; suck that cock!

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My ‘Sex-Goddess’ was now completely out of her mind.

She got up and straddled us, and showered us with a series of orgasms.

When we felt that, we both sucked each other harder, and faster.

My wife’s orgasm spraying my body took me to the bring, and I was about to cum, so I pulled back and asked Vicki, Is it ok for us to cum yet? Sex dating site banglore. No! she said, and ordered us both to stand up.

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