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Within minutes as he held me to him, I could feel my pussy begin to pulse once more.

How could it be that a man could satisfy me so well yet make me so insatiable? I knew that that ambition I had, to fuck him just once was way out of the window and as he crawled between my legs to rest his tired head on my mound and I listened as he inhaled the scent of our sex and watched as his deflated cock bounced back into life I knew that it was the same for him. How to use chocolate in sex.

Three months.

The realization hit Alexis like a ton of bricks as she saw the date on the calendar on her computer screen.

Three months since her 9th wedding anniversary, the last time she and her husband Matt had made love.

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No wonder the tingles of her normal state of arousal had built into full blown, almost carnal, craving for sex. Jameskos free saudis girls live webcam sex chating.

Masturbating with her vibrator provided some relief for a brief time, but there was nothing that could replace the deeply satisfying feeling of being with Matt as he made her erupt with pleasure.

The same thoughts that had haunted her over the past months rose again in Alexis’ mind as she swiveled in her home office chair to look out the window at the falling snow outside. Mollykanno achat sex video.

Why doesn’t he want to have sex? Is he not attracted to me anymore? Is it something I did, or didn’t do? Is something wrong with him that he’s not telling me?

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Is he cheating? Is watching porn and masturbating just less work than sex with me? Is he bored? Webcam hot nude girls. she thought, the questions barreling through her brain for what seemed like the millionth time.

But, as always, she had no answers.

Only the confusion, hurt, and loneliness that plagued her when she allowed herself to think about it all.

Despite her trying to initiate sex with Matt on many occasions over the past months, he was never in the mood. Sex lesbian amazing dirty dirty 3gp video.

The rejection had taken its toll on her.

Alexis felt the all too familiar tightness in her chest that always preceded tears forming in her eyes.

No, she thought, mentally shaking herself.

I’m not going to let myself feel like this anymore.

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It’s too much.

I’ve got to talk to Matt. Jody stutzman bisexual.

We’ve got to fix this.

I can’t go on this way.

Alexis noticed the snow falling in larger flakes outside the window and that it was really starting to come down hard.

She rose from the chair to go to her office window and was surprised to see that the few inches of snow that had been on the ground a few hours ago was now over a foot. Sex channels on snapchat.

The weather forecast was right for once.

Snowmageddon, as the local news were calling the snow storm, was officially upon them.

The weather person was predicting 2 to 3 feet of snow over the next 24 hours and it looked to Alexis like they were going to get every bit of that. Brazzers nikki benz porno.

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Alexis’ thoughts turned back to Matt, who was at the grocery store getting last minute supplies to get them through for a few days in case the weather was too bad to get to the store.

She appreciated his thoughtfulness in volunteering to go as he didn’t want her to drive or be out in the cold weather. Hot cyber sex convos.

He was such a wonderful husband in so many ways.

All she wanted to do was show him just how much she loved him in the most special ways she knew.

She just didn’t understand why Matt didn’t want to receive it.

Knowing a hot shower would relax her and help her feel better, Alexis made her way to the bathroom and turned on the water to get hot while she undressed. Vanessssa sex vidio onlayn.

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As she slipped under the hot stream of water and let it wash over her, in her highly aroused state she couldn’t help but think of the times she and Matt had made love in the shower years ago.

As Alexis washed herself she imagined that it was Matt’s strong yet gentle hands feeling her silky skin covering her supple, toned muscles.

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