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Suzie's lips had clamped about his head with shocking gusto.

Her mouth vacuumed him inside, as though he were no more than a strand of spaghetti.

Next, she was busy employing his flaccid member as though it had no volition of its own.

One second Hargraves' penis was compressed forward as if Suzie intended to spit it out like a peach pit. Sexy nylon feet porn.

Next, the woman's tongue circled rapidly around his pliant digit, until he feared she would wrap him into a permanent curl.

Then, Suzie appeared determined to inhale his dick whole, drawing the member as far down her throat, as it could reach.

Needless to report, very little of this sort of abuse was needed before Jack's penis became inflamed, and rigidly tumescent.

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His shaft grew as long and hard as nature permitted, becoming painfully distended from internal pressure and aching with desire.

As her lips formed a tiny "O," Suzie moved her head backward and forward along Hargraves' distended organ.

Against tremendous suction, Hargraves' member was withdrawn, stretching slowly until it nearly had been withdrawn from Suzie's mouth. Dating girls for sex without upgrading.

She then slurped him back inside.

To an objective observer had there been one Suzie's ministration appeared not unlike an anxious Robin attempting to pry a reluctant worm free from its earthen home.

One second the purple head throbbed between Suzie's lips, while sharp white incisors skated about its sensitive surface.

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Before Hargraves could remove his dick from such a harrowing process, Suzie's tongue began to glide over the darkly pulsing head, explore its every angle and set each nerve a-jangling.

As Suzie's head snapped forward, Hargraves' tool was forced between the tightly compressed surfaces of an unyielding palate and Suzie's undulating tongue. Sexchat arib.

Past gripping lips, across perilous teeth, over the flickering tongue and no doubt down her constricting throat had his penis possessed sufficient length.

Suzie's bridgework rapped repeatedly against Hargraves' pelvis, while her chin set his stones a-bouncing. Valerie rios porno.

Within minutes, Hargraves was reduced to a moaning twitching aggregation of instinctive physical reactions, while Suzie's oral ministrations continued unabated.

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Finally, Hargraves attained his objective.

With a mighty roar, he came, discharging his seed into Suzie's mouth, as an orgasmic rapture, enfolded him. Sexy naked photo of any kashmiri girl.

Suzie swallowed, then pressed for more.

Hargraves' spasms were summoned again, and yet again, each convulsion added another mote of seed within Suzie's demanding mouth, while Hargraves' pleasure slowly turned to pain.

His hammer had shrunk to a nubbin, but her demands continued unabated. Absolutely free sex chatting sites.

Suzie's voraciously reverted to her original pattern, working the malleable member until once more she encouraged the captive penis to resume an upright position.

Then, Suzie devoured Hargraves' erection.

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Time after time, Suzie revived the flaccid organ, only to deplete what she had animated. Wonder woman sex pic.

Over and again she continued until Hargraves lapsed into semi-consciousness.

He could no longer feel when Suzie finally abandoned his tormented penis.

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