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Every now and then me would pull my breasts up one at a time making sure that they sat over the top of the under wire as it was cup less.

He was pulling it that tight I was struggling to breathe before finally he secured it in place. Pamela-79 free local sex chat rooms no registration.

My 28” waist had been reduced to a 22”.

Master admired his work and could see I was uncomfortable which seemed to please him going by the wry smile on his face.

Hands to the rear, NOW!” he barked out in a loud voice. Virtual sex chat on mobil.

I did as I was asked immediately and soon felt something sliding up over my arms.

My shoulders were being pulled together backwards as he tightened the arm binder in place.

I realized that there was now no escape even if I wanted. Adult webcam videos.

Next he knelt in front of me un-strapping my shoes and removing them.

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He reached just behind me once more grabbing some ballet heeled boots.

One at a time he put them on me and locking them in place.

He knew that I could barely walk in them without assistance. Live webcam model.

Let me help you to the car,” he spoke in a demanding voice.

He held my arm as I took tiny steps so as not to fall.

He opened the rear door of the car and pushed me across the back seat, which was just as well as I would have been unable to breathe and unable to sit. Sexy model girl image.

Master shut the door and we drove into the night finally arriving at a secluded spot in a car park.

Master pulled me from the car and raised me to my feet once more.

The only building in sight was a toilet block, luckily no one seemed to be around. Free amateur shemale sex.

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“Wait there,” Master said as he walked off into the toilets.

A few moments later he returned and helped me totter into the gent’s toilet.

He led me into a cubicle and ordered me to wait, pulling the door closed on his way out. Chattasex gratis.

My legs were now beginning to buckle and my calf’s were burning as I waited in the dim lights.

Fear struck me after a short while as I heard someone coming into the toilets.

I let out a sigh of relief that the person had not come into the cubicle as I knew it wasn’t locked. Herlust1 mobile free sex webcam.

I had still not heard from Master, was he still here, what had he planned? Another person had entered the block very quickly followed by another, I now wondered just what might be going on outside.

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