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Michael knew she had him there.

He couldn't help himself as they walked around the farm, he would sneak peeks of her ass when he thought she wasn't looking. Aiken girls fucked.

It was just too tempting, regardless of the implications.

Michael backed up into the wall, there was no escape now.

Fiona pressed up against him.

Her voice was low and her icy blue eyes were full of lust, You aren't the only one who was sneaking peeks. Teen girl webcam vids.

I have to admit, you're a handsome man, Michael.

But you're my cousin!Michael protested, It's wrong!So why does it feel so right?Fiona grabbed one of his hands and maneuvered it to her ass.

She let out a primal growl and pressed her breasts harder onto Michael's chest.

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She slowly slid her hand down his waist and felt the hardness forming behind his jeans.

Michael struggled to back away, but the wall and Fiona's arms prevented him from moving.

A moan escaped him as she teased his erection through his pants. Porno brazzers alison tyler.

Fiona's icy blue eyes stared into his light brown ones and she closed the gap between their lips with the faintest of kisses.


Michael was still protesting, but only barely.

A part of him had been hoping she was just pulling his leg, since she had been messing with him all day, but another part of him—a part of him that was tucked in the darkest, most twisted, part of his mind—wanted her to be serious.

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Come on, Michael,Fiona said as she showered him with light kisses, You've had a terrible month, you're far from home and everyone you know, and you're alone, like me. Kamilasugar sex live.

Don't you think you're entitled to a little fun?She continued to massage his member with increasing intensity.


his will was quickly waning.

But what? You're my cousin?she chuckled, So what? Aspasia web2sex. This isn't love, Michael.

Plus, I'm on the pill, so there's nothing to worry about.

We can have all the fun we want, with no strings attached.

Michael's mind was too fuzzy to protest anymore and with her last statement all his mind could process was the proverbial green light Fiona was giving him.

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His lips met hers in a deeper, more passionate, kiss than the previous ones.

He cupped her breasts and groaned as she continued to stroke his cock through his jeans.

She gasped as a shock of pleasure swept through her and she kissed him deeper, slipping her tongue into his mouth as she did so. Dragon ball sex girls.

Michael decided to return the favor by slipping his hand between her legs.

This elicited a loud moan from Fiona.

Then, in a brief moment of clarity, Michael felt a bolt of panic strike him and he started to pull his hand away. Sexy-couple36 thick sexy chating free.

Wait, my mom, she can be back any minute!Fiona quickly grabbed his hand and returned it to the warmth between her legs.

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