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The smell pierced Gigi’s nose and made her tremble.

Her heart was racing as this girl looked deep into her eyes with an amount of lust that she'd never felt before. Bisex cam canl.

“I want to know what it tastes like.

Find out for me.

” Gigi’s lips trembled and brain short-circuited as the most erotic thing she’d ever heard passed through her ears.

She struggled to find her voice and only managed to stutter out, “Y-you want… m-me to…” “Drink your piss, and tell me what it tastes like,” The girl blurted out so calmly, like it was perfectly normal.

Sex chat with gf. Gigi
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Gigi’s eyes sank to the back of her head and her stomach dropped out of her.

A disgusted look crept onto her face as the girl began rubbing her panties in between Gigi's fingers, coating them with the slick substance. Sexgirls blow big balloons.

Well, what are you waiting for? Someone could pop out any moment right?” “I-I can’t…” Gigi piped out.

The girl moved in closer, wrapping her free hand around Gigi’s neck and pulling her in.

Sex chat with gf. Gigi
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They were mere inches apart with only the dripping panties between them at mouth level.

“Don’t be scared, you might like it,” she whispered before slipping her tongue out of her mouth and contacting Gigi’s wet finger. Granny fuck grasmark.

Gigi let out a soft gasp but didn't pull back.

She watched with wonderment as the girl dragged her tongue up her digit before pulling it back into her mouth.

“Mmm… wow… Even better than I’d imagined.

” She fluttered her eyes at Gigi while licking her lips, “You’ve got to try this babe. Sex vidio namsa.

Just one sip, and I’ll delete the video.

Come on…” she eagerly pleaded with her.

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