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It was his eyes, though, that captivated.

Silver as moonlight glinting off water, they seemed to penetrate through to her soul.

He is every girl’s dream, every woman’s fantasy; a god in human form.

Remembering her duty, her life for the good of her clan, she conquers her fear, and banishes the lingering vestiges of desire. Born to fuck sebastian.

There was no longer any need for such worldly emotions.

She had been born and raised for this purpose alone.

Every day for the past seventeen years, she had walked the paths of her village, tended the gardens and laughed with friends, knowing that her life was meant for the gods.

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Her sacrifice would renew the land as her royal blood soaked into the parched soil, and she refused to shame her family for the desire of a life that would never be.

As if he had read her thoughts, his lips twists into something just shy of a sneer.

Gathering her pride around her like a cloak of indomitable strength, she stiffened her back, and held her head high. Wandanara video call live sex.

With her voice quiet but steady, Eilis spoke: My Lord, eyes locked with Crom Dubh, she raised her hand above her head, and a perfectly honed sickle blade flashes in the darkness, my life for their life; my blood for your pleasure.

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The blade arcs down, the wicked point intending for her heart. Sex and the city 3 samantha.

Her eyes close, and she draws in a last breath of air, sweetened by heather and salt.

In her mind, she calls out to the Lady for a merciful stroke, but a whisper from piercing her heart, a large hand grips her slender wrist.

With a sharp jerk, it shakes loose her hold on the sickle, and it falls to the ground with a muffled thump. Schustriy free local fucken no sign up.

Eilis, my child, his low voice warms her naked body as if he had set her on fire, and her eyes flutter open.

He towers above her, overpowering her will with his nearness.

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It is not for my pleasure that your blood shall spill, but for yours.

Crushing his lips down upon hers in a bruising kiss, he sears away all thought of death in the face of life. Sexist big big big big boobs porn clips.

Circling her in his muscled arms, he lifts her against his body.

Slowly he lets her slide down his length so that he could feel every part of her.

Though she was untried and pure, this was no mere girl.

Her body was that of a woman; full of seductive curves and smooth skin. Free hot sex no sign up.

Eilis inhales in his scent of earth and sea and a dark, underlying musk, that has her body instinctively readying for him.

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His slippery tongue glides in and out of her mouth; invading and retreating in a hypnotic dance that has her senses reeling.

Her knees buckle beneath the onslaught, and he cups her tight derriere with his strong hands to hold her up. Erika-sainz free online sexy webcam.

When she finally began giving to him -- gliding her tongue alongside his, rubbing her breasts against his chest, pressing her femininity against the steel hardness of his shaft -- their passion spins out of control.

He backs her against the altar, its coldness hardly noticeable for the heat their bodies are creating. Live girls on webcams.

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The brace of stone at her waist forced her to bend back, and her Lord took the offering of her up-thrust breasts.

Holding one in a hand, he sucks the hardened bud into his mouth as he massages the plump globe.

Eilis’s moans echo in the circle, her song of innocent ecstasy weaving a powerful spell that binds the god to the mortal woman in a way he could never have imagined. Miranda hobbs sex tape.

Never before had he forsaken the sacrificed life blood for the virgin blood of a maidenhead.

But never before had a woman entranced him as did she.

So, he would take her innocence rather her life, and in return, sacrifice a part of his divinity for her.

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Lying flat, now, upon the stone, Eilis looks up at the stars that blanket the lovers.

The silent sentinels standing guard above them, watching as her god lavishes his attention upon her body.

With his mouth and hands, he caresses and touches every part of her. Webcam model search.

At her breasts, he soothes her while suckling like a babe.

Then, his merciless licking and teasing of the tips has her hips lifting in response to a question she did not completely understand.

Dipping lower, his tongue travels down her abdomen, and a burning awareness in her womb intensifies the lower he explores.

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