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Reluctantly, I stood up, walked to the corner of the kitchen and put my hands over my head.

He left the room and was gone for a few minutes.

What did he mean by "teach you the same way you taught me"? Of course I used to spank him, but he would never do that to his Mother. Recorded privat chat with webcam model kamillik.

I heard his steps returning from the basement, I said, "OK, Marcus, I got punished standing in the corner, so why don't you just give me the money.

" He cut me off, "Your lesson has not even begun Mother!" He deftly, and forcefully grabbed my hands from over my head and clamped them behind my back.

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I was so shocked I could not even respond.

He pushed his body against mine so I was pressed into the wall, and he wrapped some type of rope around my wrists.

I screamed, "Marcus, what are you doing!? What are you doing!? Stop it! I don't understand, this is wrong!" He didn't respond, he grabbed my tied up wrists and started pulling me away from the wall.

"Let's have a seat", he said calmly. Sex online watch now.

Completely shocked by what was happening, I struggled to escape, I was flailing my legs around, kicking, even kicking him, "Stop let me go! Let me go!" I was flailing wildly.

Sakura sex comic. mother

I heard him chuckle a bit and he did let me go.

My legs were spinning like I was riding a bicycle, and without his grip, I fell flat on my face. Sexy lady seducing her student.

He laughed again, and then he pushed me down on the floor and straddled me, as I continued to struggle.

"Oh, Mother, please, don't be difficult.

" Then I felt more ropes being tied around my ankles.

"We'll have to keep you from going anywhere.

I never expected a disciplinarian like you to be so uncooperative.

" "No, Marcus, stop, why are you doing this, stop! Free ts sex chat. Don't treat your Mother that way!" "It's only because I love you Mother.

" He tied the ropes tight around my ankles, then grabbed each of my arms and pulled me up to standing.

Sakura sex comic. mother

He turned me to face him, put his arms around my waist and lifted me over his shoulders.

"As I said before, let's have a seat.

" He carried me through the kitchen to the dining room. Sex chat rooms with straight boy for free.

He held me over his shoulder with one hand, as I continued to squirm and struggle.

With the other, he pulled out a chair from the dining room table.

He sat down, and with his strong arms lifted me off of his shoulder and placed me over his leg, he pushed my tied up legs between his and clamped down hard with his own thighs, ensuring I couldn't move.

"Marcus, what is this! Allevtina tamillivesex com.

Sakura sex comic. mother
Stop it, stop it! I am your Mother!" "Mother, if you want your son's respect, you have to start behaving like an adult, now I'll get you ready for your little lesson.

You know what I'm doing, you've done it enough times to me.

" He reached under my knee length skirt, up to the waist, and grabbed the band of my hose and panties, he began pulling down, pulling them up to where his legs gripped mine. Gay sex on cam.

I went hysterical! "Marcus, no, no, I beg you!" "Yes, you beg all the time, don't you, to go to Paris.

" He then undid the buttons on the back of my skirt, and pulled it down.

My bare bottom was now completely exposed.

Sakura sex comic. mother

Wait, what was he thinking! "Marcus, you shouldn't look at your Mother this way!" "Maybe, but I think I need to look at you this way, so you will learn.

" "Marcus, no.

" I was on the verge of tears. Webcam emo anal.

He placed his palm on my bottom, and began running it in figure-8s.

"No, Mother the fact that you can't handle money likely means that you have a hard time with math.

Well, we're going to teach you a little lesson in math.

As I proceed to spank you, you will count each time I strike you.

" "What! Webcam sex video. Marcus! Stop this, you do not spank your Mother! You do not!" He lifted his hand and came down hard, he's a strong boy, and I felt the sting of his bare hand.



Sakura sex comic. mother
Stop that hurt! This is crazy Marcus, stop!" "I thought I told you to count!" I was so helpless and shocked in this situation, I just said, teary, "One" "Oh, very good Mother, you learn fast. Misstessx sex chat fb online.

Sure this is going to hurt.

But you might learn something, remember to count.

" His hand dealt me another stinging blow.

I yelped again, and then said, meekly, "Two.

" "Mother, very good, you are learning.

" He continued, despite my constant protestations for him to stop.

Sakura sex comic.