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She continued to stare and let the dress drop to the floor around her feet.

I stared, mouth open, at the vision before me.

She was, simply, stunning, high firm breasts capped with large brown mouth watering nipples, flat stomach, narrow rounded hips, a tiny patch of brown curls atop her plump little mound, strong thighs, and shapely calves, above tiny feet in red stiletto heels. Sexy horny bitches of heerlen.

I reached for her.

Undress for me Will,she said, stepping out of the dress.

I drank in her beauty with my own hungry stare and slipped the jacket from my shoulders.

Riley climbed onto the bed, still wearing the red stilettos.

She reclined on the pillows and spread her shapely legs as I unbuttoned my shirt.

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I removed the shirt and tossed it in the corner with my jacket.

Riley’s hand was between her legs, slowly stroking and spreading her moist lips.

I kicked off my boots and reached for the button on my pants.

No, turn around, I want to see your ass,she instructed. Free online live sex cams.

I nodded dumbly and turned around.

Glancing over my shoulder, I pushed my slacks and underwear down, feeling self conscious, having her watching.

Mmm I love a nice tight ass,Riley purred.

I turned back around and stared as she slid a finger down each side of her plump mound and spread the thick lips to expose her moist pink opening. Sexy nude girls brizel free imeage.

Are you ready for your first taste of pussy, Will?her mischievous grin returned.

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I nodded, climbing on the bed, unable to tear my eyes away from the fingers spreading her moist lips as I crawled between her legs.

She ran a finger up and down between the spread lips. Free sexcam no sign up.

Lick it right here,she said.

I lowered my head, slowly sticking out my tongue, inching closer, until I finally made contact with the thick pink lips.

I inhaled the exotic spicy aroma as I licked up the length of the spread lips.

The tangy sweet spicy taste flooded my mouth and I licked again. Only sexy girl video.

As good as dinner had been, Riley’s pussy was better and I licked hungrily between her open labia.

Yeah just like that, don’t stop,she purred, tangling her fingers in my hair.

I pushed my tongue further past the lips and licked all the way up and over the hard little nub above.

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Her fingers gripped my hair and her hips twitched.

I licked again, intoxicated by the the sweet juices on my tongue.

Push it in, fuck me with your tongue,Riley instructed, pulling my mouth against her mound.

I pushed my tongue past her outer folds and up into the heat of her dripping passage. Porno anal bella bella.

I pushed in and pulled out, fucking her with my tongue.

I pressed my mouth harder against her mound wanting to get deeper, to get more of her in my mouth.

She pushed her hips against my hungry mouth, needing more.

Ohh yess ohh,she moaned.

She pulled my hair, dragging my hungry mouth and tongue up to her sensitive swollen nub. Stranger handjob flash it wasnt wise of.

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My clit, lick my clit,she panted.

I licked at the hard little nub, swirling my tongue around it.

She pushed into my mouth.

Ohh suck it, suck it,she gasped, rocking her hips.

I closed my lips around her sensitive button and sucked, continuing to flick my tongue over it. Random sex chat roulette.

She whimpered and moaned and mashed my mouth against her quivering mound.

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