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I looked at her handiwork and laughed.

Very nice! I was afraid you were going to leave them all balled up so it would look like I was smuggling potatoes, but instead you’ve created the man of your dreams.

Mmm, well, you would have all the ladies ogling you all night – and maybe a couple of the guys. Nympho sex chat.

That’s a truly horrifying thought.

But seriously, babe, what am I supposed to do here? I can’t be flashing my peas and carrots all night, not with this crowd.

She looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

Carrots? More than one? You’re not addressing the problem. Young girl dog webcam.

I guess I could go to the store and buy you a thong while you finish working outside.

You’ll still have that adorable bulge, of course, but the thong should help smooth it out some – at least enough to keep them guessing whether you’re circumcised or not, unlike now.

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I de-socked my pants as she spoke, once again leaving my clearly circumcised cock showing through the thin fabric.

Not a perfect solution, but it will have to do I guess.

See if they have a padded one, OK? She smiled.

Trying to gild the lily, are we? No, trying to hide the lily. Sex dating in carol stream illinois.

I suppose if it raised expectations a bit it would be OK though – you know Charlie will be wearing something that shows off his bulge, he always does.

I swear that guy is an exhibitionist, but since his is bigger than mine I don’t want to get into a contest with him. Skype live chat sex.

This would be our sixth annual Halloween party, and at each the costumes had gotten a little more adult-oriented and more risque than the previous year; the only constant was that Charlie wore something that accentuated his bulge.

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He was – as Marci had noted after he’d flashed her - fairly well-hung, and he seemed inordinately proud of the fact. Warsaw sex chats.

Alli laughed at my concerns.

Oh that’s just silly! Nobody is going to be doing any comparison tests – especially after everyone has a few drinks and gets a little loosened up.

You’re worrying about nothing! Yeah, well you haven’t heard the women around that office and the way they talk about men. Nice girls porno.

They could make a longshoreman blush.

And if you think Charlie showing off his stuff is accidental, you’re seriously delusional.

She shrugged.

Charlie is Charlie.

I feel sure he knows exactly what he’s doing…until he gets a few drinks in him, and then he just gets worse.

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I seriously did think he had some strong exhibitionist tendencies though, partly because of him flashing Marci the way he had and partly because of his Halloween costumes that always showed his package to best advantage, but also because of his behavior back when we used to play racquetball together; after a game, in the locker room and showers, he would wander around naked, towel around his shoulders, for an inordinately long time. Brutal throat fuck xvideo.

He was often still nude by the time I was fully showered, dried, dressed, and ready to go.

The other thing he would do, when he would talk to someone - whether it was me or anybody else - is he would put his foot up on the bench alongside of whoever he was talking to so that his cock and balls were about eighteen inches or so from your face while you were putting on socks or shoes.

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I assumed it was some sort of primitive male dominance thing that he had simply never evolved beyond.

It was very disconcerting and made everyone uncomfortable, I think, but as a result I knew more about Charlie’s genitals than I had ever wanted to know; his cock, flaccid (the only condition in which I had ever seen it, thank god!) was almost as long as mine was when I was erect – about six inches, give or take, but considerably thicker.

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