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Shit, it’s so intense.

"Give yourself a second.

" Jim assured me.

In a matter of minutes, maybe less, I felt the orgasm building.

Soon, I knew I was too far gone to recover.

I could not stop the inevitable now.

Fuck, I’m going to cum again.

Oh, shit.

Jim, baby, I can’t stop it. Teenager69- chatroulettesex live.

He’s going make me cum again while you watch.

And I kissed Bob deeply as I moaned into his mouth while sucking his tongue into mine.

I frantically humped against him, unable to stop the waves of pleasure that crashed across my body.

I was out of control, again. Really sexy black girls.

Only this time, with no other people around, I did not have any reason to be quiet with my orgasm.

After the initial orgasm, I wanted to stop, to come down, but Bob was not going to let that happen.

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He wanted to force wave after wave through my pelvis.

He was enjoying my uncontrolled humping and convulsions. Brutal dildo sex video online.

The emotional and physical toll was too much.

My body could not take the ongoing intensity of these exhausting forces that had overtaken me.


I need to come down.

I begged as the convulsions continued to rock my core.

After a few moments of my pleading, Bob complied and lowered the intensity level, proud that he had evoke such a response from his friend’s wife. The meteors fuck off and die.

I don’t think I have ever experienced such a powerful, earth shattering physical or emotional response.

Being held up on that orgasmic plateau for an extended period of time, unable to stop cumming, unable to stop the waves of convulsions that were rocking my body impacted me more dramatically than I would have expected.

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Jim came over to me and began undressing me, first removing my blouse, and exposing my breasts, then removing my skirt, and panties, leaving me standing there with the vibrator held in place by the silly harness.

I felt ridiculous standing there, on display with the vibrator harness wrapped around my naked pelvis. Katie thornton sex.

Without the panties to hold it properly in place, it was no longer up against my clit, but was hanging somewhat uselessly away from my pussy.

Standing there like this, shortly after having a loud and violent climax, made me feel very foolish.

I wanted to remove the device completely, but I knew I needed Jim’s permission first. Looking for online sex in hazlehurst mississippi.

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Jim, can I take this silly thing off now? Bob’s expression showed that he recognized the significance of me asking Jim’s permission.

Up to this point Bob may have sensed my submissive nature, but he now was fully aware of the submissive relationship I had with my husband. Andre-sex bbw cam sites.

I could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he processed this new information.

Jim responded, Certainly honey, take it off.

It has served its purpose tonight.

We won’t be needing it any more.

I stepped out of the harness and handed the vibrator to Bob, who placed it with the controller on the coffee table. Orgasmicjane seeking one on one sex chat.

I turned to Jim, placed my arms around his neck, my head on his shoulders, and I started to cry silently.

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Tears were running down my cheeks on to his shoulder.

I did not quite understand the emotional release then, and honestly I still do not.

Baby, what’s wrong? Sex hot girl. he said as he lifted my chin to look into my eyes.

I don’t know.

I am just being silly.

I guess it is a combination of things.

Jim, the last orgasm was so very powerful it just stirred some deep emotions in me.

I felt really out of control.

I couldn’t stop cumming. Chubby webcam tube.

And just now, standing here naked in front of you and Bob, I felt a wave of humiliation at being exposed like this.

I can’t explain it, I felt more exposed with that damn vibrator against my clit than I do now, in your arms completely naked.

Silly huh? I wiped my tears on Jim’s shirt before continuing.

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Jim, I know you have shared me before, but this time was different.

Before I always knew you were in control, you were there and you would protect me.

Somehow, tonight it felt like you gave complete control to your friend.

And I lost control of my reactions, and I felt vulnerable, more vulnerable than ever before. Vivid free sex room.

I felt helpless.

It felt like Bob could make me cum any time he wanted, and I could not control it.

I know you were right here the whole time, but I felt so alone as he forced me to cum.

I know, this sounds silly; I don’t understand it myself.

But my reaction, my loss of control scared me. Samantha i sex and the city.

Jim kissed me deeply, with love, not passion.

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Oh baby, I love you so much.

He said, which started me crying again.

Let’s all get in the hot tub and calm down a minute.

Jim then whispered in my ear, so Bob could not hear, Cindy, are you feeling up to taking care of Bob tonight, or do you want me to send him home? Chat sex direct canada. He hasn’t cum yet, but if we need some time alone, I will send him off with a hard dick and blue balls.

I shook my head slightly, and said, Jim will you hold me while he fucks me? I’ll let him fuck me, if you will hold me while he does it.

I needed the closeness with my husband right now, but I did want to ‘get Bob off before he went home’. Free asian sex online.

I felt that I owed Bob that much.

Cindy, you are the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world.

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I love you so much.

Jim said as he walked me over to the couch.

Jim sat on one end, as he had me lay down, my arms around his neck.

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