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Daisy, you are here because you want to be and that is the way it has to be.

If you ever want to leave you will be allowed to do so.

At any time.

But if you ever speak or write about me or my Ranch I will enforce the contract you signed with the full weight of my very expensive lawyers. Female cams pantes sexs webcams.

Do you understand?I nodded.

Her other hand came forward and started visiting the same pain on my other breast.

It was very arousing and since I was already in a heightened state after my journey it was becoming close to unbearable.

This is the way your life will be, Daisy, Miss Jane said. Real mother taboo hidden cam sex.

You are here to be part of my breeding herd.

It was all in the contract.

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You will conform exactly to these rules.

The wonderful pain in my breast moved as her nails pinched my nipple.

First you can have sex with anyone at any time you wish.

However for your first month here, while we establish your fertility cycle, you may only have anal or oral sex. Sex video chat online.

Second, once we have established your cycle, you will be assigned a stud.

He will inseminate you as often as possible during your most fertile period and that will last about 3 days of each month.

No other male can have vaginal sex with you except the assigned stud and he may take you at any time. Sexy mens underwear for sale.

You will be taken from here to the barn and introduced to the rest of the herd after I have finished with you.

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Remember that everyone you have seen here so far came in exactly the same way that you did.

So if you decide that you want to make a life here, and that you can live within my rules, you can be here as long as you wish. Sex movies online porn.

I presume you understand, Daisy, because if you do we can move on to more interesting things.

As she said this her nails pinched full force on both my nipples.

I squeaked and nodded.

Good, she said, then you may now see what you came all this way to worship. Jailbait webcam teen videos.

She undid a thin black zipper on the front of her catsuit and it fell away with a single shrug.

Miss Jane was naked and I was in thrall.

I would stay here forever if I could just touch her.

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She sat down on the chair and pushed a button on the wooden construct I was kneeling on. Cut sexy girls.

I heard motors and it started to lift up and push my body around.

When it had done moving my lips were almost touching her amazing pussy and she opened her legs wider.

I could almost taste how good she was from there.

I heard the door open and close again. Chunky cheerleaders mature bbw sex.

James, you know what to doshe said.

Then she looked at me and said Daisy, you are going to give me my afternoon orgasm with only your lips and tongue.

Meanwhile James is going to make sure that you understand the location of the only other area where you are to allow penetration while you are here. Pussycat300 free online webcam girls.

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With that she slid her hand into my hair and pulled my lips onto her cunt.

I was amazed at how wet she was.

I thought it was only me who was getting excited here.

I felt her put her other hand into my hair.

I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough for her although my tongue was really busy because she rammed my face into her cunt as hard as she could. Sex chat that requires profile.

At the same time I felt a wetness applied to my ass and then an amazing sensation as what was obviously a well sized cock was rammed into me.

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