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His other hand moved down to touch my pussy, and I felt his one finger going inside my wet hole.

He fingered my pussy till I came all over his hands, I sat down breathing heavy in the shower.

He was still standing and his cock was just above my head.

I looked up at him and then grabbed his cock. Sexy coed shower video.

I stroked his cock and went on my knees to suck it.

Dad had turned off the shower and his hands were pulling my head more onto his cock.

Fuck! You are so good, He moaned and then pulled out his cock from my mouth.

I knew what’s next, I got up and we looked at each other. Female sex wrestling.

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Let’s go to bed, he said.

Yes! Fuck me in your bed, Dad, I replied and he took me to his bed.

I lied down on the bed with my legs spread wide for him.

He jumped in to the bed and held my legs spreading them wider for better access to my pussy.

Fuck me Dad, give it to me, I said, I was really horny now. Xonnya sex face video.

He looked at me and pushed his cock in there, it felt amazing just like it did last time.

He came over me, kissed me and then started to fuck me.

Fuck your little slut, Daddy! I was talking dirty and it was exciting him.

Are you my little slut? He said giving a deep stroke in my wet pussy.

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Yes Daddy, I’m your dirty little slut.

Fuck me more and more Dad, I replied and he fucked me like no one had ever fucked me before.

He pulled out his cock, flipped me on my stomach and then fucked me from behind.

He showed me how strong he was and made me scream. Older women for free sex mason.

He held my hands on my back and fucked me like that.

I enjoyed his control over me, I don’t remember how many orgasms I had that day, but I wanted my dad to keep going for forever.

Come on honey, ride your daddy, Dad said as he pulled out his cock from my wet pussy and lay next to me holding his cock.

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I got up and sat on his dick.

I felt it again going deep in my pussy.

My hands were on his chest, and I started to ride him.

Play with my tits, daddy, I said.

Hmmm… he moaned.

You have beautiful tits honey, he replied and pinched on my nipples.

Fuck yes, Dad! Sexy milf anal fuck. I screamed as I had one more orgasm.

I collapsed on his chest, and his hard cock was still inside me.

You ready for more punishment? he asked and I thought, 'What more?' Before I could answer him, he dragged me to the edge of the bed, and made me bent over it. Find bronston ky swingers sex milfs galleries swinger couples seeking sex.

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He himself standing on the floor again guided his cock in my pussy.

Fuck me more Daddy, I moaned.

You are a bad girl, he said spanking my ass.

Yes Dad, I replied to him grabbing a pillow.

He fucked me really hard and made me cum again, my knees were shaking and he was still fucking me. Ebony naked blowjob cock and fuck.

Do you want Daddy’s cum? he asked as he was ready to cum.

Give it to me Dad, I said and he pulled out his cock.

I went on my knees and opened my mouth.

He kept stroking his cock and shot a huge load in my mouth.

I didn’t waste a second and swallowed it all. Webcam masterbation live.

I licked his cock and cleaned it.

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You taste so good Dad, I replied sitting there on the floor.

He sat down on the bed, after a minute I got up and went into the shower.

I took a quick shower and came out.

I jumped into the bed and asked him to take a shower. Free webcam voice chat with pornstars.

I waited for him and when he came out, I told him to order some food as I was feeling hungry.

While he was ordering the food, I grabbed my clothes and got dressed.

Where are you going? Dad asked.

My friend is coming, I told him.

Friend… can’t you tell her that you are not home? Fuck free girls waikoloa hawaii. Dad said.

I can, but I think we can take a break before you punish me more and fuck my ass, I replied and winked.

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Your ass…? Dad was a little shocked.

Yes! In my ass Dad, I want you to be the first one to have my ass.

You like my ass Dad.

Don’t you? I said. Asia free sex cam.

I never thought of that? he replied.

Then think about it now, Dad! I said.

Bye, my friend will be here any time.

I left the room just thinking how his cock would feel in my ass.

I apologize to anyone who had the misfortune of reading this before I modified it. Chat sex english usa.

I realized, reading it over, that it actually seems she is being forced to have sex against her will.

No, it is consensual sex, this is about loosening of inhibitions towards taboos.

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The son knows his mother very well and is certain she is actually enjoying it.

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