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The fling with Russ is an example; it opened a sensual streak in me I didn’t know existed and that streak enriched my life then and continues to, today.

That awakening made later relationships better, including the one with my husband.

I do remember, why do you ask? Xxx sex live online. he said.

I showed him the email.

Well, you are going, he reminded me, would you like to see him again? Nope, too many presumptions or assumptions, I said, And way too much baggage.

And I happen to be married, that precludes flings, too.

My husband is a very secure man and an unjealous one. Hot wild sex.

We’re together because we want to be, not because we have to be.

I’m tenured with a good income, he’s a senior executive in a high tech company.

Life professionally and personally is wonderful, I would not want to put that at risk.

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That conversation was on a Friday night, but before dawn on Saturday I was awakened by a kiss on m neck. Girls how want to fuck cserhatsurany.

That was nice! More kisses, and I was fully awake.

It was Saturday morning, and Saturday mornings often meant long sex sessions.

Take off those pj’s, he said, and that was an easy order to follow.

We were both naked at about the same time.

Pull the sheet off, stretch out, he said. Sophia rossi porno.

I did, and he knelt beside me, looking at me, stroking me, from my side, over my hip, to my knee, and back again.

This Saturday was different, there was a ghost of that long ago fling in the room.

I know Russ is thinking about you like this, he whispered. Taboo sex movies online.

That was long ago and far away, I told him, and way before I knew you.

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Denver is not long ago, it’s in a couple of weeks, but it is far away, he muttered as his lips caressed my breast, then my belly, and down lower.

And Russ for sure is thinking about the times he did this to you. Visit essex ma.

I was touching my husband too, and found his erection much more advanced than it usually is at this stage of foreplay.

You’re hard! I am.

He moved until he was laying beside me.

Keep me hard, kiss me the way you used to kiss Russ.

I kissed him with maybe a little more than the usual intensity because he was helping me remember Russ. Girl in netherlands antilles wanting sex.

He was playing mind games with me.

My husband was acting like a virtual Russ.

I hope you meet him in Denver, he said, and his own kiss turned more intense.

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I whimpered because I was turning on, too.

HIs kisses traveled from my lips to my throat -- I love having my throat kissed! -- and lower, to my breast. Busty sexy mature moms tubes.

I should show you what he would want," he whispered.

I guess my little moan told him to do just that.

He knelt beside me, put his hand on my cheek, and turned my head.

My eyes were closed, but I felt his cock on my cheek.

Kiss it, kiss his cock.

I did, my lips on the side of my husband’s shaft. Sex amazing teen analysis bak.

He moved a little, positioning himself until my lips were at his cock head.

I’ve done oral sex with my husband hundreds of times, but this was different.

Think of that as Russ’s cock.

What would you do? We were both turned on, into the fantasy.

I’d do this, I said, and opened my mouth, reached with one hand around my husband until it was on the small of his back, and I pulled him closer, bringing his cock deep into my mouth.

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And sucked, sucked hard.

Sucked the way Russ taught me.

My husband has remarkable control, but with one of my hands on his back, and the other around his shaft, stroking him, I could feel the small tremors that told me he was close to erupting.

He was deep into the fantasy. Real sex in tharston al.

Then I felt that pulsing, and for the first time ever he lost control during oral, the first time ever he ejaculated into my mouth.

Towards the end of his coming came that ultimate demonstration of ownership -- he pulled out and the last drops fell on my cheek Then he down lay beside me, holding me tightly, and, and, and he kissed me. Sexy big titty porn stars in bikini.

He had never before come in my mouth or on my face, but he was kissing me now, kissing away what his cock sprayed on my cheek and on my lips.

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There could be no greater proof he was turned on, but what he said made it even hotter.

I would do that even if it was after you were with Russ. Indian women live sex.

I love you, he said though his kisses.

Finally, many minutes later, he whispered, Send a thank you note to Russ, tell him his email had sexy effects.

I was happy about the fire we felt during the fantasy and role play, but I told him I didn’t think I should respond to that email. Map of essex county.

The urgency was gone, the erotic delight all used up and everyone knows that for men who have been married a long time, the post ejaculation time is, at best, a time for cuddling and comforting.

You’re not going to respond? You took me on a wonderful fantasy, an imaginary fling, and I loved every moment of it, but some things are best left to the imagination.

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I know you’re very secure about me, and I don’t want to give you any reason not to trust me.

He kissed me, hard.

Thanks for saying that, baby, he said, but I want to show you something.

Hmmm? What? He took one of my hands, led it to his cock -- he was semi-hard! Couplebdsm sexchat bot online. Usually, after sex, although he is very affectionate, that part of him is, well, deflated.

You’ve got a bit of an erection, I thought you were all used up.

If you think that’s a little erection, tell me you’ve decided you will meet Russ in Denver and see what happens. Asian webcam joi.

I could feel him, feel the pulse there.

Is that what you want to happen, you want what happened here in bed to happen there? Mmm, yes.

If I was to date him there, it would be more than a blow job, honey.

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You know that.

I could feel him getting harder.

Is that what you want? Nikki benz sex. I had to ask the question, because my own juices were starting to flow again.

My imagination was running wild.

His fingers were tracing down my body, they found the lips of my vigina, his middle finger slipped between its lips and found me wet.

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