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Mike was looking down and guiding his penis into my body as he had done the first time.

I had never forgotten those few minutes of our first experience.

He let it remain there for a moment as he looked up at me, smiled and said.

Many happy returns.

Then slowly pressed his cock down and penetrated that part of me that had been penetrated often before, but only by him with care and consideration of me. Skeyler999 sexy chat room with no requirement of email.

When Mark entered me, it was harsh.

He thrust his cock into me hard and deep without care or concern.

Mike was gentler than at any time Mark had sex with me.

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I then realised that Mark always insisted on entering me from behind, and he didn’t care where.

I could see the wonderful expression on Mike’s face as he entered me. Indiansweety webcam porn.

This was lovemaking at its best.

The last time I made love face to face was with Mike all those years before.

Mike slowly pressed himself further and further into me.

I could feel the thickness of his cock gently parting the walls of my vagina on its way deep inside me. Looking for sex with norquay.

I could feel the head of his cock pressing down and up into the parts of me that desperately needed him.

He was filling the voids I had so desperately needed to be filled.

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I could not remember the last time I had enjoyed having a cock inside me as much as I was having this experience. Raud30 free online sex chat no registration.

Mark was so rough and aggressive and at times he hurt me and he didn’t care.

He was getting what HE wanted.

He had often caused me unbearable pain by constantly hitting my cervix.

Now it was even better than all those years before as a teenager.

I watched his face as he concentrated on what he was doing. Leyagornaya webcam model.

I could see he was enjoying the feeling of having his cock back where it had been so many years earlier, and so was I.

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Mike looked down at me and our eyes met.

He smiled.


my darling Jan, never leave me again.

What I am feeling now I never believed existed. Streetlove2 sex chat sensation bot in hindi.

I have found the love of my life.

Tears ran down my face.

I love you too, my darling.

This was meant to be.

We were always meant to be together, make love to me like you have never made love to another woman.

Thank God we have found each other again.

he whispered. Play online games sex.

Those are the most beautiful words I have heard in ten years.

I believe we have found paradise together.

I realise now that what we had before was wonderful, this is even more beautiful.

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Our bodies were meant to be as we are.

Mike and I had not been making love for more than a few minutes and I soon realised this was the most beautiful sensation I had ever experienced. Amateur couple sex cam.

For the first time in my life I was making love as an adult the way it was meant to be.

Previously I was just there for one purpose and it wasn’t making love like this.

Mike was now beginning to thrust and withdraw using a steady rhythm and I could feel his cock doing things inside me that I had not enjoyed before. Girl want sex tonight camden new york.

After a minute or two he again looked down at me and we kissed again.

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Now we were doing that a lot, soft and gently on the lips as he continued to make love with me.

I had never kissed Mark when having sex… ever.

It had been impossible as we never faced each other. Sexy live chat.

I could feel sensations beginning to stir inside me.

Sensations I had not previously felt or enjoyed.

His cock was really giving me pleasure in ways I had always imagined making love would give me.

It was as if I had been given a new internal mechanism to enjoy sex. Angel blue sex.

I was enjoying real lovemaking for the first time, rather than savage and painful sex.

As teens, it was good, but never this good.

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Back then we didn’t make love – we fucked.

Every nerve in my body was alive and enjoying the sensations around my vagina and clitoris up to my cervix. Lavish styles full fucking machine.

I could feel the length and girth of his cock right up until he touched my cervix.

The walls of my vagina were being stimulated like they had never been stimulated before.

Previously I had been numb inside dreading the pain.

He kissed my nipples and this made me shudder with delight all over. Amateur home naughty saturated sex video.

I had never had that done to me before.

I was beginning a new life altogether making love.

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My entire body was now responding to his thrusts and gentle movements above me.

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