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He said that I had fucked over thirty guys last night and he didn't want to miss out.

I told him to be gentle because I was sore, but he just turned me around and pulled away my towel as he said, "You'll manage.

" He bent me over the kitchen counter and undid his jeans. Free live sex web cam.

He used his feet to spread my legs apart and I reached down with my right hand to guide his cock into me.

As I felt his cock pushing inside me, I was surprised that it didn't hurt more. Sexsi 2018.

I guess it was because he was fucking me in a bent over position.

He was hitting my bum instead of my inner thighs.

He was very rough but I kind of like that.

He slammed into me very hard over and over again. Webcam chat orgasm.

I was looking over the kitchen counter at a dozen or more guys asleep in the lounge area as I was getting fucked.

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I didn't want to wake them because I know what guys are like when they wake up, and I wasn't sure I could handle another gang bang. Bringing happiness bio and free webcam.

Fortunately it didn't take him very long.

He gave out a loud grunt and thrust into me very hard one last time, as he buried his cock deep inside me and shot his load.

He smiled at me as he pulled up his pants and said "Happy birthday!" as he walked out of the kitchen. Webcam big tits squirt.

I went and got my clothes from the dryer.

They were still a bit damp but I got dressed and went home.

At school on Monday, Angela was a bit annoyed at first.

She said she had told her dad that I wasn't feeling well and had gone home early. Web camera sex hd online.

She couldn't very well tell him that I was in the bedroom fucking two guys.

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I understood that and managed to smooth things over with Angela.

We were still friends! As the day progressed, stories about me were circulating.

Everywhere I went I could see groups of people whispering and looking at me. Picture sexy picture sexy picture sexy picture.

It was obvious that everyone knew I had screwed a whole bunch of guys at my birthday party.

I was getting a well deserved reputation as the school slut.

My name is Georgia Lincon, before we start let me tell you a bit about the situation; I am 17, 5 ft 7, I have long black hair, bright green eyes and 36 DD breasts.

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