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Emily wondered if she wasn't comfortable with affection in public.

She smiled to herself.

Simon would be good for Connie.

"Now, let's get these bags up to your room and then you can help me with dinner," said Lydia.

"How was the trip?" her father asked, grabbing one suitcase. Wall fuck buddy.

Simon grabbed another one and a smaller travel bag.

They started up the stairs in a line, Emily remaining behind when her cell phone rang.

"Good, thanks," said Simon.

Connie nodded in agreement.

"We left early and there was hardly any traffic.

I guess everyone did all their driving yesterday.

" Connie and Simon had decided to leave early Thanksgiving morning, as they were so tired from work and didn't want to fight the onslaught of holiday travelers.

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It had worked out well.

They'd managed to leave before eight, stopped once for restrooms and food, and had arrived before one o'clock.

"You made good time," said her mother.

"Dinner will be around four.

I've invited Sophia, from down the street.

" "Oh, that's nice.

" Connie dropped her bag on a chair in the bedroom.

"I haven't seen her for ages. Isabella anal sex.

How's Ben?" "Ben will be here, too," her father said.

"I thought Ben was overseas," Connie said.

"The last I heard his unit had deployed to Iraq.

" "He was injured," said Lydia.

"What happened?" Connie asked.

"Is he all right?" "He is," her mother assured her.

"But he had to be discharged. Free sext cams.

His unit was ambushed.

" Connie glanced from her mother and then to her father, looking for more details.

"He lost an arm, Connie," her father said.

"It was an IED.

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Otherwise he's fine, and he's bearing it very well.

Insists on being called 'Lefty,' actually.

" Connie giggled. Amateur webcam teen porn.

That sounded like something Ben would do.

"You'll like Ben," she said to Simon, who had laid his suitcase on a small table by the bed.

"He's a lot of fun.

" "I'm looking forward to meeting him," Simon said.

So far it was all going well.

Lydia hadn't said anything to hurt Connie's feelings, the ride had gone well, and he was glad to have a change of scenery. Nolimitscoupl3 s bio and free webcam.

With an early dinner, perhaps he'd be able to steal Connie away before it grew too late.

He supposed he could wait until tomorrow, but wanted to talk to her sooner.

x-x-x-x Connie had been right, Simon thought.

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Ben was a nice guy, and they had a mock serious argument on the merits of the Mets versus the Yankees, and then about the National and American Leagues in general. Tight butt sex.

Dinner was a lot more comfortable than it would have been with his family, Simon reflected.

Especially with whatever disagreement he was having with his brother.

He wasn't sure what had started it.

Politics, probably, he decided.

He and Jason were frequently opposite on issues, and although Simon tried not to talk about it too much, sometimes he couldn't help it. Foot sexy tickled.

Jason tended to take a difference of opinion as a personal offence.

Presumably Simon had questioned Jason's position on something, and Jason had responded by ceasing communication.

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He got over it, but Simon had learned the best thing to do was apologize—which he had—and then wait for Jason. Free webcam whores.

Ah, family, he thought, all dysfunctional in their own way, like Tolstoy said.

The only thing wrong with dinner was that Lydia took any opportunity to get Ben and Connie talking together.

That had made Simon not a little jealous, although he didn't say anything. Random sexchat.

Still, he thought it was rude, to be encouraging someone's girlfriend to pay attention to another man when her boyfriend was right there.

After all, Simon thought, she doesn't know we're pretending.

Connie and Ben noticed it, too.

They rolled their eyes and chatted when directed, but would soon fall back to previous conversations, Ben with Connie's father, and Connie with Emily.

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