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The air around Eriel distorted, like ripples of heat.

The effect billowed out like a jellied cloud, sweeping over the multitude of approaching trolls. Brooke marks nude webcam.

They stopped as if frozen, their metallic skin turning white.

Eriel fanned his wings in a slow, gentle sweep.

The trolls disintegrated, like burnt paper, their ashes scattering in the breeze like flakes of snow.

A reaper in full killing glory. Lesbian bisexual panites.

They continued to fight for hours.

Zak could not believe the amount of trolls and devils that kept appearing.

Of course, if the mages were behind this, all they had to do was keep building their magic until one side grew tired enough to give up.

The warriors never gave up.

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Zak was amazed at their strength and stamina against something supernatural.

Zak’s body ached, and was covered in sweat by the time the last troll and devil fell.

The sun was already low in the horizon.

A roar of victory echoed in the valley, swords rose. Irish teen pussy webcam.

Some of the warriors were hurt, burned, and bloody, but it seemed no one was killed.

Lumar’s warriors were legendary fighters.

It would take more than a handful of trolls to wipe them out.

In the middle of the field, striding toward the golden dragon, was a tall blond man. Masturbation webcam teen.

The way he walked seemed familiar to Zak.

His eyes narrowed on the man with the golden hair, but a mask made of metal covered his face.

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A dark cape fluttered behind him.

He put his hand on the dragon’s snout, speaking to him. Older women for sex in berkeley springs west virginia.

Seth trotted back to Zak.

His right arm was singed, but aside from that, he had no other injury.

That was actually fun,Seth panted, his eyes shining.

Zak scowled.

I’m going back for Luna.

He turned to leave, but Seth’s hand on his forearm made him stop to look into the weretigri’s face. 2-soska lesbian porno sex chat.

Seth brows drew together, a little line he hadn’t noticed before denting the otherwise smooth perfection of his skin.

We need to go slow, Zak.

Zak jerked his arm free of Seth’s grip.

Fuck slow.

This place is a disaster.

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I’m not leaving my woman and my children here.

I’m leaving, and I’m taking them with me.

To hell with the Arborian Master Guardians, the LOS, and everyone else who’s trying to keep us apart.

He began stomping his way up the hill again.

I’ve had enough of this bullshit. Twink boys webcam.

Fucking trolls, and witches, and who the fuck knows what the hell else will come at us.


I agree with you,Seth said trying to keep up with him, but she doesn’t remember who you are.

She’s going to be scared, confused. Tree live webcam site with nudity.

I’ll take her home.

I’ll let her have her own room, and win her backReally?Seth sounded incredulous.

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