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She heard him move between the table and the bed; and then he took her wrists and tied them together, pushed her head on the matrass and pulled the rope from her wrists to the bedposts.

She couldn’t make out exactly what he was doing after that, but he was working on her, positioning her body, tying knots, testing them. Sex dating in echo utah.

She felt the rope and his hands on her feet, her waist, and her bent knees.

It took a while and she didn't dare to move during all that time.

Finally, he pushed a small pillow under her ass and on her legs, thus making her lift her ass higher.

He took a step back. Webcam teen video porn.

Now you fight this, he said with a certain sound of satisfaction in his voice.

She didn’t dare to move.

I said fight this! he ordered; another order he had had to repeat and she immediately felt sorry.

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She tried to pull on her arms and legs, felt the ropes and restraints bite into her skin. Sex free women black.

She was on her knees and slowly took in the measure of how helpless, exposed and at his mercy she was.

There was now nothing she could do, except feel the rope and what was to come.

She was on her knees, her ass lifted into full exposure for him and anything he would want to do to her. Kitty caprice sex.

Her position wasn’t comfortable, but strangely comforting and making her feel safe.

Her mind finally stopped running in circles, and she let herself go, fearful, yet exited.

He started slowly, as usual.

Running his hands up on down her back and her ass cheeks, massaging the irritated skin which sent shivers up her spine. Porno webcam 18 girls.

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He moved up towards her head, and put a pillow next to her mouth, pushing it slightly against her mouth so that she could feel where it was.

I want you to accept the pain, not fight against it, he said.

Use it, enjoy it, and take it as a tool towards more pleasure. Aplikasi webcam sex android.

You’re not to talk, not to say anything or make noise.

If you can’t stand it, use the pillow.

If you were to disobey, I’ll punish you more.

You may nod to confirm you got it.

And she nodded.

The blow came totally unexpectedly.

He used his leather belt this time. Inside sex cam.

The first blow made her jump; it felt as if it had come from nowhere.

It wasn’t particularly painful though.

The next ones bit into her skin, harder and hotter each time.

She tried to concentrate on the emotion and the feeling, like she had been told and her body and mind followed the waves that were washing over her as he continued to punish her.

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Her tears were soaked up by the blindfold and she didn’t make any sound.

He stopped; she heard him put the belt down on the bed.

His hand spread her ass cheeks a little more and then he pushed right into her pussy.

She hadn’t realised she was soaking wet; she hadn’t expected him to push into her so directly and so hard. Amateur sex sasha bi blowjob cum in mouth(part 3). blowjob porn clips.

He pounded her hard and for several minutes, she felt his balls slapping against her ass cheeks.

He pulled out suddenly and the blows began to fall again.

This time, the intensity was different.

Her skin and body began to react; she felt the pain all over, not just on the parts that were treated. Carolinakissg online video sex calling.

Without wanting it, she tensed up, pulling against the ropes, trying to avoid the blows.

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He stopped, spread her ass cheeks, but this time, he took her ass.

Again, he pushed into her directly, deeply, without hesitation.

He wasn’t one to hesitate.

In her mind, her sensations between pain and pleasure and the happiness of having him inside her got pulled into one confused mixture making her forget time, space and herself. Zoo sex online 3d.

Buried deeply inside of her, he stopped the move, bent over her, gripping her hair with one hand and her neck with the other one, pressing the collar into her skin.

She was full of him; on the inside and on the outside.

You are not going to go anywhere or resist any of my orders ever again, he hissed into her ear. Sex therapist katy tx.

She nodded.

He pounded into her without changing his position.

You are mine – until you say the bloody password and get rid of your collar.

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You get me, slut? Mine! he said.

She nodded.

He pulled out of her.

This time, she expected him to continue with his belt, but again, he wasn’t working according to her expectations. Inked ebony webcam huge tits.

It started with several strong slaps with his hands and then continued with a series of small, stinging bites, always on the same spot.

She understood that he had taken up his plastic rod, a small, flexible tool she disliked.

One bite of it didn’t matter much, but the longer he continued, the more painful and irritating it got, particularly as he continued to aim at the same spot. Sexycamilo69 live chat online sex canada.

Her already painful skin reacted more and more, and she started to hate hearing it make the swishing sound through the air, the sound of it meeting her own skin, the feeling of burning and stinging going back and forth between her ass and her brain.

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She had supported the hard blows, but this smaller, so much more irritating sensation got the better of her. Sexy south indian bbw.

Biting into the pillow, she started to sob, slowly at first, then more.

Her last defence was coming down little by little, her emotions were taking over.

He continued.

His own satisfaction was growing as he saw her break down as the marks he was giving her became more and more visible. Kira reed hardcore sex.

He finally put the little rod down and began fucking her again.

He held her tight and fucked her hard; alternating between her pussy and her ass.

He had marked her skin for sure, but he wanted to make sure she was going to feel him on her insides as well. Kkisssskass freeiphonesex com.

He could tell she was at a point of total surrender.

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There was no more fight; she was on her knees, mentally as much as physically, one bunch of emotions and sensations.

If he hadn’t known that she needed just that, he would maybe have felt a little sorry. Free sex date furry online games.

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