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They acted like it was no big deal that he was there and when I questioned Deni about it she continued to insist that they're just good friends, sharing a drink.

But I could tell from the flush of her cheeks that something had been going on.

I wanted to confirm my suspicions and one night I called to let her know that I would be home at about 9:00 pm, which is later than my usual late nights. Aaliyahxx69 sex chat kerala girls malayalam online.

I wanted it to be dark, or almost dark, when I really came home at around 8:00 pm.

I parked my car down the street and around the corner from my home and walked quickly through the side gate to my backyard.

I walked quietly up to my bedroom window and peeked in through a gap in the curtains that were covering the open window.

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I was momentarily shocked, but I guess not all that surprised, to see them in bed together.

My position was perfect to see Deni on her back with her legs spread and Dex leaning over her from the right side.

They were kissing passionately as he rubbed her breasts and I realized that they must have already fucked. Two girls strip webcam.

I saw cum oozing from her thick, reddened, blonde-hair-covered labia.

His soft cock was lying across her thigh, and his big balls were loosely hanging down onto the bed.

Dex broke the kiss after a few minutes and, after leaning down to briefly suck her left nipple, he started to get on his knees by her head as he said, Suck me hard again, baby. Sexy boobs of nikki bella.

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With Gary coming home so late tonight, we can fuck one more time.

I watched in awe as Deni took his soft cock, which was still covered with the remnants of their previous fuck, into her pretty mouth and begin sucking him.

She had never sucked my dick and there she was moaning and slurping on his thick meat. Sex spies webcam.

Her fingers couldn’t even touch when she gripped it.

It didn’t take long before she was gagging on his cock, and when he backed away from her, I saw his hard cock for the first time.

I previously knew that it's thick when it's soft, but then I saw that his meat is very thick, easily over six inches in circumference, and it had to be ten and a half inches long. Free sex videos petite.

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That thing looked like a huge pole, and I watched in anticipation as he began pushing it into my wife.

Deni’s pussy stretched around that thick, invading phallus and I got excited as I watched inch after inch disappear into my wife’s pussy.

It was almost as if I was experiencing it myself and my dick was getting hard as he bottomed out in her cunt. Tetas_ricas webcam and chat.

He then began fucking her with, long, deep, powerful thrusts, with his big balls slapping against her thighs and ass in a way that I would never be able to do.

I pulled my dick out and began jacking off as Deni moaned and almost screamed out, Oh shit, fuck me, Dex, fuck me hard! Sex guest chat. I love your big cock and I love you!

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You touch me in ways that Gary never could with his little dick and I love having your big cock buried deep in my pussy.

They fucked for about twenty minutes, which was impressive since I usually only last about three minutes when fucking her. Gndin xxx sex video com.

I watched closely as his muscular ass clinched on each down stroke until the final push when he buried his cock to the balls in my wife.

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