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I was dripping! I quickly buried two fingers on my right hand deep in my cunt, working them in an out and alternately pressing against my g-spot.

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The thoughts of my readers were in my head, and I was imaging them masturbating to my stories at the same time. Hairy webcam strip.

I bit my lip hard as the first orgasm hit me.

It was quick and potent, but I knew I needed a powerful release to be able to go back to work.

My juices were flowing out of my pussy, coating my hand and thighs.

I pushed two more fingers into my pussy, nearly fisting myself to work my g-spot hard.

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I was doing everything I could to not scream in ecstasy, letting out an enormous moan sigh as the release came… soaking my hand even more.

Then I heard the door open and the familiar sounds of high heels on the tile floor indicating I was no longer alone. Fucking catwoman.

It was two admin assistants using the mirror to freshen up.

They started gossiping, and I knew I couldn’t wait them out as I’d already been away from my desk too long.

I could certainly wipe myself up with toilet paper, and I hoped the smell of sex wasn’t too overpowering, but my biggest concern was if my pussy juices ran down my leg when I stood to walk out.

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