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A work of feminine art and of the incarnation of kindliness, a kindred spirit, in one incomparable soul.

She was.

The past lives on in memories, but not as an embodiment, more's the pity, no more.

She was.

No longer is, save in my mind, my mind is full of her, she fills me still, attempts to complete me still, in my mind. Parochka_69 qq webcam sex.

We were.

I am not complete, completed now, as I am not all here, not here, as I was, and we were.

Except in my mind.

And my mind is not all here.

So I'm told, so I suppose, so what to do.

What to do about it, the way to forget, to end the regret.

Only one way, one way, except just forgetting, going my way, going out with a glorious resolution, going away. Japanese women men sex.

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Which way to choose, I must decide to lose, to lose what I have, to become as she is, not here, no more, with her, or like her, all the same.

Her battle was epic, as they all are, each one who struggles with life, and the pain that comes with life, she struggled the good fight, with strength, but lost, as so many lose, as we all lose, eventually. Lonely women wanting sex in las cruces new mexico ms.

My anger will fill the halls of eternity forever, the damned emptiness, echoing my cries, my shouts, my remorse for my own omissions, my faults, my limitations and my vices and my failures, my regret.

But I can join her, and will join her, it is decided, it is done, the sleep comes, the big sleep at last comes, and she is there, and I forget, and remember with her, once again, in the end.

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Dakota Hastings boarded the bus and sat near the back.

She hated riding the bus, but it was the only form of long-distance transportation she could afford to get back her parents’ house.

She knew she would be given the I told you so lecture from her parents, but it didn’t matter. Juniors naked on webcam.

They said she could come back and that was all that cared about her now.

Dakota called her parents with a heavy heart and told them the whole story.

They told her she was welcome home anytime, but they weren’t able to send her any money.

They claimed it was due to her father’s bad heart, but the truth was, they didn’t fully believe her. Http mnogoporno tv.

They feared she’d use the money for drugs.

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Dakota sold everything she could and was able to buy a one-way ticket back home.

Now, she was alone on the bus, sitting near the back, and ashamed of her foolish mistakes and bad judgment.

She watched other people board, mostly college students, young couples, and one family. Free sex chat girls.

The bus wasn’t full, but there was a decent number of people.

She looked out the window as it pulled out.

There were dark clouds forming in the sky.

A storm was lurking and they were headed right for it.

The bus made its first stop at a tourist trap with fast food joints and shops. Teen sex latino guy at bus stop.

Dakota spent all her money on the ticket and had no money for food, though her stomach was growling.

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She used the bathroom, as the one on the bus smelled funny and she didn’t like the lack of privacy.

She washed herself as best as she could, getting the dirt off her face, and trying to tame her frizzy, blonde hair. Bbw looking for sex the woodlands.

A few of the passengers who were on the bus met friends and she knew they weren’t going to continue the journey with her.

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