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I wanted Mel to get all she could from our night together.

I also wanted to stay in that tight little pussy and enjoy the ride as long as I could.

Damn, that little gal liked to fuck.

Then, just as I began to lose control, and felt the undeniable urges of my balls to let go, Mel pitched forward to lie on my chest. Cuckold sex video online.

She cried out, I’m cumming! She quickly bounced right back up to her sitting position, raised up, slammed her pussy down on my cock, and ground her clit on my pelvis.

I reached down, grabbed her by her hips, and held her cunt down on my cock as tightly as I could. Live amateur sex cams.

I told her, So am I, Baby.

I held her tightly as I lifted my hips and pumped my load of cum deep into her hungry hole.

As our orgasms subsided, Mel fell forward onto my chest again.

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I wrapped my arms around her and held her snugly to me.

Oh Baby, you are one hell of a fuck. Chatroom sexes mobile.

You’ve about worn me out.

Mel said breathlessly, Me too.

It’s been years since I’ve gotten off like that.

I hope we can do that again real soon.

So do I, Mel.

So do I.

As Mel lay on my chest, my softening cock still in her leaking pussy, she started to doze off. Sexy texan sarah cam.

I softly asked her, Honey, do you think you ought to go back in with Bobby? We don’t want him to wake up and wonder where Mommy is.

It’ll be okay.

Mel said.

He's used to sleeping by himself.

Besides, he may have to get used to it.

If you don’t mind, can we stay here for a while? Wetlook sex video. Mind? Why would I mind having a beautiful girl like you and a cute kid like Bobby staying with me?

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I have just one question.

She asked, What’s that? Do I need to buy a twin or double bed for the spare room? As a broad smile spread over Little Mel’s face, she kissed my lips, hugged me, and snuggled close to my neck. Qwe3025316 free sex text chat.

She kissed my neck and whispered into my ear, Just a twin, I think.

We both slept soundly through the rest of night.

The next day, accompanied by a police officer, Melanie retrieved the rest of her and Bobby’s clothes from her old home.

As she returned to my place and pulled into the drive, I greeted her with a hug, a kiss, and told her, Welcome home, Honey. Chatfriendsex.

Little Mel smiled broadly and returned the hug and kiss.

As Bobby ran into the house, she whispered, Are you up for another round tonight?

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I pulled her close, discreetly gave a nipple a little tweak, and replied.

Silly girl, what do you think? Little Mel II: The Cheerleader It had been several weeks since Melanie (Little Mel), along with her young son Bobby, had left her abusive husband. Sex girllll.

They had sought refuge with me in my home.

I, of course, agreed to let them stay in my spare room.

It was so depressing to see such a cute little doll like Mel hurting both physically and mentally.

In addition to her face, Mel’s husband, Rob, had badly damaged her self-esteem. Sweetanya livearabic sexy chat.

She told me Rob had repeatedly insulted her by pointing out her lack of breast meat.

He would yell at her, No other man would want a titless little bitch like you! Her black eye, bruised cheek, and swollen lip healed quickly.

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Mel was soon back to looking like the cute, four foot, eleven inch, ninety pound, red-haired, little sweetheart I remembered meeting not long ago. Webcam feet vk.

Her self-esteem took a bit more time and TLC to recover.

I frequently reminded Mel how pretty, cute, sweet, and desirable she was.

She always giggled and cooed when I’d tell her she looked good enough to eat.

Occasionally, without warning or reason, I’d take her in my arms and give her an extended hug and gentle kiss. Webcam omegle teen.

Gradually, Melanie began to show a much happier side of her self.

She would greet me as I came in from work by running to me, leaping into the air, and wrapping her arms around my neck.

Her feet, dangling nearly a foot off the floor, would be swinging in the air, as she passionately kissed me.

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When I thought she felt safe and comfortable with me, I began gently teasing her about her size.

I’d tell her she reminded me of a cute, little, 16-year-old, high school coed.

I’d then give her a gentle swat on her round, denim-covered butt.

She always wore jeans that snugly hugged her butt. Riley reid porno pov.

Bobby, in the mean time, had settled in nicely as well.

When he wasn’t running through the house, he was in the back yard wearing out Dog, my 1-year-old, male, German Shepherd.

In the past few weeks, Bobby and Dog had bonded to each other.

They were nearly inseparable, except when Mel made Bobby come inside to eat or prepare for bed. Nice black angel webcam show.

I guess Dog enjoyed romping with an active boy more than chasing the sticks I’d occasionally throw for him.

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After a while, Mel and I decided to let Dog in the house at night.

He would go to bed when Bobby did and sleep on the floor next to his new friend. Sex chat video ipad.

It looked like I had lost my dog to Bobby.

It was also looking like I had acquired an instant family.

One Friday evening, I had called to let Mel know I’d be working late.

It was well past Bobby’s bedtime when I got home, so the house was quiet when I walked in. Indian sex video chat online.

Instead of running to me and jumping into my arms as she usually did, Little Mel called out to me from the bathroom.

Make yourself a drink and relax on the couch.

I’ll be out in a few minutes.

I called back, Okay.

It had been a long hard day, and I could use a tall cold CC & Coke and a few minutes to unwind.

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I had downed about half my drink when Mel came into the living room.

I nearly choked on my drink when I saw her.

Little Mel didn’t just walk in.

She came somersaulting into the living room wearing a cheerleader’s outfit.

She bounced to her feet just a couple of feet in front of me, and held her hands tightly to her sides as if standing at attention. Total drama sexy porn.

Grinning from ear to ear, she proclaimed, You’re a winner tonight! Grinning from ear to ear, I told this little doll standing in front of me, Please turn around slowly so I can admire my little cheerleader.

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