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The night before the party, he handed me a big box.

"Open this, and put on whatever is inside.

It's from Mistress Amber.

" I took the box, and opened it.

Inside was a black lace bra, thong with rhinestones up the back, garterbelt, silk stockings, and 7" patent leather ballet shoes. Tomriderxxx talk to sexy girl strangers free.

This was getting interesting.

I had my makeup done nice and slutty, with sexy red lipstick, at Mistress's request.

I put my long wig in pigtails, then put on the outfit.

Greg gave me my long coat to wear, as I was not to wear anything else, and we were off. Mila kunis sexy pictures.

When we arrived at the door, Mistress Amber greeted us.

She was a beautiful woman, with long red wavy hair.

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She wore a leather bustier, heels, and fishnets.

She led us inside, and then placed a collar around my neck.

On the front it said "Service Girl" and it had a link in the middle which she attached a leash to. Mur87ua free sex lesbian fierce beating mobile.

She whispered into Greg's ear.

He came to me, gave me a kiss, and told me to have a fun night.

Then he walked off to another room.

Amber tugged on my leash and brought me into the main area.

Here, a cocktail party was commencing.

There were several men, and a few women sipping drinks and eating snacks. Adult webcam masterbation.

It was like any other party except for a couple of "service girls" like me walking around, refilling drinks and such.

It looked like I was the only transgender girl in the bunch though.

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Once in a while, I would see one or two guys walk off with one of the service girls and go into another room. Heelyboyz s bio and free webcam.

I wondered what was going on in there.

I would soon find out.

It turned out that the group of guys in the one corner had been discussing a mutual interest - me.

Mistress Amber came over to me.

She told me that normally I'd be just doing a few things around here for a while but these guys had been looking forward to my arrival. Public webcam porn tube.

She wanted me to get started right away.

She motioned for them to come over to me.

There were four of them, each one better looking than the last.

I had to admit that if I was going to be a service girl for strange men, I picked the best place to do it.

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I was scared that the guys would be creepy, but these men were really sexy, and just looking to satisfy some of their fantasies. Xxx grandma pussy webcam.

They were old friends who had a shared fantasy to share a transgender girl.

The Mistress made our introductions, and then handed my leash to the guy who seemed the most in charge.

His name was Derek, and the others were Joe, Alex, and Kevin.

Derek led me to a door across the room, and then opened it and pulled me inside. Kiskaxxx usa sexy video calls video.

The others were right behind us.

Once in the room, the lights came on to reveal what looked almost like a gym horse, only the one end was lowered and it had extensions protruding from the upper part.

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Derek led me over to it, and laid me down on it, on my stomach. Sexy photos from.

There were straps on the floor that he strapped my ankles into.

The extensions were for my arms and he strapped my arms into them just above the elbow.

He took a scissor out, and cut my panties off.

I was trapped in a postion of being bent over with my arms kind of outstretched. Exhibitionists talk on cyber webcam.

This was definitely the position of a service girl.

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