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She gasped again and grabbed handfuls of my hair, surrendering to the two of us.

Reaching over, I pulled at Saul’s zip and pulled out his already semi-hard cock, as my tongue slid up and down Lisa’s sweet slit.

Then I was stroking Saul’s ever growing cock while I listened to Lisa’s breathy response to my caresses. X sex online.

Lisa’s pussy got wetter and wetter as I licked.

Every so often my nose would nudge her clit and she would moan and shudder.

Soon, Saul's cock was throbbing and twitching.

He really was very big and I could understand Lisa's nervousness.

While I gently stroked Saul's length I slipped a finger, then two inside Lisa's dripping wet pussy.

"You're so wet, my sweet, you'll be fine.

" As I knelt in front of Lisa, still fingering her and flicking my tongue over her clit, I let go of Saul's cock and pulled down my leggings.

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Then I slipped my other hand between my own legs and slipped two fingers into my already wet and very willing cunt.

Looking up at Saul, I growled, "Fuck me, lover.

Fuck me.

" He didn't need telling a second time.

In moments he was kneeling behind me and the tip of his cock was rubbing between my labia. Bloodme porno.

I groaned and leaned forward to suck on Lisa's clit as I felt Saul push the tip of his massive penis into my tight wet pussy.

I rocked forward as he thrust into me, and started to lick up and down along Lisa's sweet slit.

I felt Saul's hands at my waist and though he started off slow and steady he soon built up some speed. Big anal dildo sex video online.

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I felt his balls slapping me with each stroke.

Since I first felt Saul's cock in his trousers two days previous I had been looking forward to this.

And it was worth the wait.

Over and over again he rammed his huge member deep inside me.

God, he was good.

I lifted my head to take a breath; I was feeling light headed and tingling with the pleasure of this al fresco fuck. Pauli_galvis registratse without watching sex video.

Suddenly my field of vision filled with light and my orgasm exploded.

I collapsed forward in a heap, hugging Lisa's waist to avoid falling onto the needle strewn forest floor.

Saul wasn't done yet, but his cock slipped from me as I fell forward.

I looked up at Lisa and whispered, "Your turn.

" After I rolled over onto my back I was out of the way enough that Saul could shuffle forwards between Lisa's legs.

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She looked at him with a combination of desire and consternation.

She wanted him--that was clear.

But she wasn't convinced she could handle him.

Saul was gentle.

He rubbed his cock up and down her glistening slit; she moaned, her head flopped back and closed her eyes. Streaming sex webcams 100 free no signup no registration.

Slowly he rocked forward slipping the tip of his cock just between her lips, teasing her.

When he rocked forward again his magnificent cock's glans was inside her and she looked straight at him, her mouth a capital O.

"Oh my God.

" She rasped.

"Oh my God.

" Saul rocked back and forth slowly teasing his cock head in and out of Lisa's pussy. Delhi free sex chat.

Her head flopped back again and she moaned as he rocked.

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Almost imperceptibly, with each forward motion, Saul's massive tool slid slowly further and further inside Lisa.

Every so often a thrust would go a little deeper than she expected and she'd open her eyes, look up and stare at him, biting her lip in an effort not to scream. Sexy nylon legs and feet.

I raked my fingernails along his muscular thigh then slipped my hand between his legs and once more cupped his hairless balls, this time squeezing them as he thrust into Lisa.

That got Saul groaning too.

Saul held onto Lisa's legs and started thrusting more powerfully, letting her feel the full length--and girth--of his cock. Sexy chate girls cams.

Lisa's head rocked from side to side like she was in a trance.

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