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After several minutes of that Brittany slid off me and I said, “Let me get you from behind.”

She just said, “Sure.”

At that Brittany got on her hands and knees on my bed and turned her head to look at me as I maneuvered to push my cock into her pussy from behind, doggystyle. Black stripper getting fucked hard slutload. Once I pushed my hard throbbing cock into her, Brittany still looking at me smiled big and told me to, “Pull my hair and call me names.”

I asked, “Call you names?”

“Yes” said Brittany, “Call me a horny slut and stuff.”

So I found myself having a great time obliging her.

I pulled Brittany’s hair tight pulling her head back and swatted her ass, but not too hard and said, “Fuck me you horny slut!”

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At that Brittany let out a loud, “Oh god yes! - Fuck Me!”

I pounded her hard from behind, my torso slapping against her ass cheeks, the bed squeaking and Brittany calling out in ecstasy, me still calling her a “horny slut” and yanking her head back every so often.

Finally, I just couldn’t hold back anymore as I could feel an orgasm building deep in my balls and soon found myself cumming hard as hell.

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