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It took less than ten seconds for my body to react, gasping and squirting juices on to the floor as I started to cum.

Oh my god, you squirt.

That is so hot,Sorcha exclaimed excitedly.

My clit throbbed hard as I squirted for a second time, juices splashing on the wooden floor by the girls bare feet and my knees clamped together instinctively, as if to say, no more, that’s enough for now. Female seeking sex chat with thugs.

There was a period of silence, none of us knowing what to do or say but once I’d recovered a little and sat upright, I chuckled, saying, Time to get to the beach now that we’ve all cum.

We laughed.

Megan handed me a towel as I watched the girls wrap their towels around themselves.

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I got to my feet, unravelled the towel and wrapped it around my body.

Sorcha moved to the kitchen area, picked up three bottles of water from the fridge and barefoot, we left the apartment and to my car.

It was no more than fifteen minutes to the beach carpark, the three of us talking excitedly about differing subjects but would return regularly to the topic of feeling the sun on our naked bodies. Pocahontas18 webcam transgered sex chat.

With the car locked, we started to walk down to the beach.

The girls informed me that the first section of beach was for people wearing beachwear and that we had a half mile walk before we could take off our towels.

The sand was warm, almost hot on our feet as we walked side by side along the shoreline.

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It was about 2.

30 in the afternoon, the heat of the sun warming my flesh and soon felt beads of sweat trickling down my body.

Considering it was a week day, I was surprised to see how many people were on the beach.

Sorcha pointed out the clothing optional sign, about one hundred metres ahead of us and we laughed, noticing how the numbers on the beach swelled close to the clothing optional sign. Carla howe sexy.

We walked another twenty to thirty metres, when I decided that people were on that part of beach to look onto the clothing optional section, so pulled off my towel as we continued to walk.

Megan was the first to look at me, smile and pull off her towel, followed an instant later by Sorcha.

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By the time the three of us were naked, we were within thirty metres of the sign and as you’d expect, noticed by many others on the beach.

I was quite proud of my 5’6 athletic body and was never short of getting complimented, especially when I was naked but as we walked along the beach, it was obvious that eyes were focussed on Sorcha’s boobs and nothing else. Savannah georgia sex woman only.

Does Sorcha always get the attention,I asked Megan as I lay my towel down on the sand.

Megan laughed.

It’s not Sorcha getting the attention.

It’s her huge boobs.

Mind you, they are nice and don’t sag yet.

Walking along the shoreline, onto the naturist section of the beach, I was amazed at the number of naked people there were.

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My other experiences of nude beaches were in Australia and on those occasions, also week days, it’s fair to argue that the numbers were few and space to sunbathe, plentiful.

On Eastney beach, there looked to be a sixty to forty split in favour of female nudists. Couple sex lyon villeurbanne.

Ages seemed to be that females were younger and males older but that was a generalisation.

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