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She would strip for me seductively; occasionally she would flash me.

There was even an occasional handjob.

Never did we actually have sex in weeks.

It was then I suspected she was cheating.

Not that I had room to talk.

I was fooling around with Lana after I suspected the cheating. Twink sex clip.

I would find out the truth and take the appropriate measures to protect myself and my money.

So, in between some of our cybersex sessions, I had been able to set up extra security such as motion lights, hidden cameras, and microphones that I could access on my tablet. Young sexy slut.

I also took the assets I could and put them in just my name.

Other assets would have to wait until later.

My suspicions about Krista grew because of her girlfriend.

Kerala multi sex girls. Lana

Her girlfriend was always sleeping around and even tried to seduce me.

It was probably a setup to catch me cheating and divorce me while getting as much money as she could. Porno luminita ratoi.

That was about the time Krista’s interest in our marriage went south.

I found out from a friend that her girlfriend was fucking her boss on a regular basis and I figured that was why she got a job there: so that they could both could fuck the boss.

More reason for me to get out. Propertysex petite.

Lana messaged me to say her husband was going out of town for a few days again.

She really enjoyed shopping with me and asked me to spend the night with her.

I messaged her back and said I would make it happen but to give me a few hours to set up the details.

Kerala multi sex girls. Lana
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I jumped in the shower to clear my head and come up with an idea.

Krista had called and said she and her girlfriend were going out to dinner and maybe dancing that night.

I told her that I got a call from one of my companies with a security problem and needed to go check it out. Chinese live sex cam.

I would be gone a day or two at the most.

I was leaving this evening.

She seemed excited about me being gone.

I wonder why? She wished me a safe trip and told me to call when I got there.

Then I was ready to phone Lana.

Hey, baby, she said.

I could sense the giddiness and excitement in her voice. Webcam gangbang.

So, what’s the plan for us? Hey yourself, beautiful, I replied.

I told the wife I needed to go out of town on business for a couple of days.

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I will take an Uber to the airport to not cause suspicion.

Can you pick me up at the airport? Absolutely, I will. Paulandleex online usa sex video com.

I’ll message you when I’m on my way.

I went to pack a small bag to keep up the charade of going out of town.

I double-checked every camera in the house, as well as the connection from my tablet.

Everything worked out right.

I called for my Uber to pick me up. Small ass assholes blowjob dick and fuck.

After I was in the Uber, I called Lana.

Hey, baby.

I’m on the way to the airport.

Can you meet me in half an hour? Sure thing, sweetie! I just have to finish getting your surprise ready, then I will be on my way.

My surprise? You didn’t have to.

I just want to be with you more than ever after our shopping excursion.

Kerala multi sex girls. Lana
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You made me realize what I’ve been missing and I want to return the favor.

I know online is good, but in person is a hell of a lot better.

Don’t you think? Yes, I do.

That’s why the surprise.

Besides, I’ve been really horny after you said you’d stay with me. Webcam wet orgasm porn video hd.

It’s been hard not to touch myself and cum.

I’ve been bringing myself to the edge.

I want you to take me over the edge.

Can you do that for me, Bret? Lana, I will do that and more.

My cock is so hard for you right now.

I can’t wait to see you.

The Uber dropped me off. Xleksix mobil sex chat girl.

I grabbed my bags and walked into the airport lobby.

I did a quick look around and walked back out.

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I stood close to the doors looking for my ride.

Lana was there, after a minute or two of me waiting.

We kissed and she quickly drove back to her house.

I ducked down just in case a stray neighbor was out and saw Lana pull in her garage with me. Streamate live sex chat.

Lana couldn’t wait to get me naked.

My little MILF neighbor had my pants undone and before I knew it, my cock had disappeared in her mouth.

Lana positioned herself so I could finger her hot pussy.

I slid a finger in her dripping cunt.

She almost gagged on my cock when I did that. Sex wife hidden cam.

As I started to finger her, something felt different.

That’s when I noticed the butt plug.

Lana must have gotten that as my surprise.

Lana slyly turned towards me and looked at me with her cum-fuck-me eyes.

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Surprise! she whispered.

I grinned right back at her. Www sex chati.

My fingers feverishly fucked her pussy as Lana worked my shaft, trying her best to get me to explode in her mouth before we got into the house.

I moved my hand and fingers from her pussy to inspect her new toy.

My hand was coated in her love juice.

I gripped the plug tightly and gently twisted it back and forth. Sexybabyboy21 two way cam sex ferr.

Lana stopped instantly and began moaning, her saliva dripping from her mouth onto my cock.

I slowly started to pull it out and she let out such an erotic sounding moan between pleasure and pain that I almost climaxed all over the place because Lana had stopped sucking me and her head was back in ecstasy.

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I put the plug back in place as Lana slowly recovered and proceeded to continue sucking me non-stop.

Oh God, Lana! You must really want my cum.

She slowly nodded in agreement.

I decided to let her have fun and I relaxed to fully enjoy my blowjob.

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