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I crossed a line.

I'm so very sorry," I say, the words tumbling out of my mouth one after the other.

"It's okay, Ms Gardner.

I just.

I didn't expect it," he says, "You don't have to do anything for me, I promise.

I want to make you feel good.

I don't need anything in return.

" My heart bursts at this boy's kindness, and it only makes me want to love his body more. Sexy adult flash games.

I reach for his groin once again, pushing my palm up against it as I lean in to plant a soft kiss on his adam's apple.

He groans at the nice sensation below, closing his eyes and parting his soft pink lips.

"Does that feel good, Peter?" I ask.

"Yes, Ms Gardner.

Gay men sexx. Peter
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Thank you.

" he whispers, as I continue to rhymetically press my palm into and rub against his stiff bump.

I watch his face closely, taking in each and every expression that flashes across his beautiful features.

The shock, the smiles, the concentration and furrowed brow. Free webcam chat with adults.

It makes me somewhat sad actually, to think that this wonderful young man has ever experienced heartache when he himself is so perfect.

I use both hands to fiddle with the stiff button at the front of his jeans.

Once that's undone, I pull the zipper down and slowly reach my hand down the front of his boxers.

Gay men sexx. Peter
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His eyes shoot open and he looks at me, a little startled.

I smile at him and he smiles back, as I wrap my slender fingers around his warm cock and start to rub along it's length.

"That feels really nice, Ms Gardner.

Thank you," he says, almost breathlessly. Naughty girl avon wants to fuck.

I slowly lift his cock out from his boxers and continue to pump along it's length with a tender grip.

Peter moans and leans forward until our foreheads are attached.

His arms hang helplessly by his sides and his soft breaths tickle my nose as I continue to pleasure him with my hand.

"You're such a wonderful young man, Peter, I'm so proud of you," I say, slightly tightening my fist around his beautiful, smooth cock.

"Mmmm," is all he can respond with as he finds his body overwhelmed with a new pleasure.

"Oh Peter, I so desperately want you to fill the emptiness inside.

Gay men sexx. Peter
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It hurts too much," I cry, suddenly letting go of his cock.

Without a second thought, Peter takes me into his arms and holds me as I sob quietly for a few minutes.

"I promise I will do whatever I can, Ms Gardner.

I will do whatever it takes to stop your pain.

" Once the tears stop, he gives me the kindest smile and wipes them away from my face before sitting on the grass. Ebony creamy webcam.

He reaches out his hand and I take it, joining him on the grass.

Peter leans in to kiss my cheek, his hands landing on the front of my shoulders.

He slowly pushes me back until I am laying back on the grass as he hovers over me.

Gay men sexx. Peter

He leans down to kiss along my collarbone as I run my fingers through his hair.

"You beautiful, beautiful boy.

" I sigh. Sex chat without accaunt.

He lifts his head and looks down at me, into my the deep blueness of my eyes with the sweetest smile.

I smile back, just as lovingly.

Peter pushes apart my legs and kneels in between them, propping himself over me with his hands on either side of my head for support.


" I whimper, as he lowers himself down until I feel his still-hard cock poke at my drenched underwear through my dress. Thai webcam girls.

I grab a handful of his hair with both hands and sigh as he kisses my throat softly whilst simultaneously rubbing his cock against me.

Gay men sexx. Peter

A sweet little moan escapes his lips and falls into my mouth.

I giggle.

"Oh Peter, you make me feel young again.

" Instead of responding, he gets up to kneel again, awkwardly pulls my dress up over my stomach and pushes down my underwear with one hand until I am exposed. Find sex tonight bangor.

His eyes are glued to what's between my thighs.

"You're incredible," he says, before laying on top of me again, his cock resting against my clit, causing me to gasp.

"Oh Peter, I can't believe this is happening.

" "Are you happy?" he asks.

"I'm so happy," I burst, and with one swift motion, he buries all six inches of himself inside me.

Gay men sexx. Peter
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We both freeze, faces buried into each other's necks as we share this special moment.

It's not long before Peter pulls himself out slightly before driving it back in, his soft buttocks clenching as he does.

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