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Virgin blood is the tastiest of them all.

He’d feed on her and compel her later to fall fast asleep, so he could rob the blood bank of the blood.

The plan was to get the blood.

Iris was moaning and coming while Stanley drank her blood and pussy juices.

When he was finished, he moved closer to Iris and moved her hair away from her neck. Sexy naked pussy squirting.

His fangs appeared, and he bit Iris on the neck.

She moaned while he fed on her blood.

It was euphoric for him but he continued to finger her while he drank from her neck.

She continued to have orgasms and made the blood withdrawal very easy.

She was happy and feeling very orgasmic. Video chats with b line sex.

When he drank a decent amount of blood from her he looked into her eyes long and hard.

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Iris, I command you to sleep until I come back.


Stanley got dressed and grabbed her credentials.

He also went into her closet to look for a suitcase.

He’d use her suitcase and fill it with the necessary blood he needed. Adult robot sex chat.

He borrowed her car and drove to the blood bank.

He used her card to gain entrance and went into the refrigerator and took all the blood.

He packed her suitcase with the blood and drove to his house.

He took the blood packets and put them in his refrigerator. Looking for sex reggio calabria.

There was enough for a long while.

Stanley drove back to her house.

He opened her door and put her suitcase back.

He went back to the bed and compelled her to wake up.

Iris, you can wake up now.

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Iris woke up and Stanley kissed her on her mouth.

She appeared to be weak from losing the blood. Brooke richards nude and having sex.

I’m so thirsty and really horny.

Do you have some juice? I could get it for you.

That would be great.

I’m so thirsty.

Stanley got up and went to get some orange juice for her.

He’d fuck her a few more times before leaving her.

He hadn’t had a virgin in many years. Sweet-lilu chmak sex.

He’d leave her with beautiful memories of her first time.

He wouldn’t let on that he knew she was a virgin.

He figured she didn’t want him to know.

She was in her thirties and was probably embarrassed.

Drink the juice and then suck my cock! Iris drank the juice down and knelt in front of Stanley.

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Stanley was sitting on the edge of the bed.

He had undressed and was waiting for her to give him a blow job.

Stanley liked having blowjobs.

Iris opened her mouth and fed his cock into her mouth.

She sucked and slurped on his long and very large dick.

She bobbed up and down and looked into Stanley’s eyes. Cybersex chatrooms from elmira high 98.

He let her enjoy his cock for a while.

She was very good at sucking his dick.

You will bend over and let me fuck you again.

Of course.

Iris put her hands on the bed with her ass and pussy in the air.

Stanley spat on his fingers to wet her pussy up.

He slipped his cock into her pussy and fucked her slowly and picked up the pace. Sex girls video online.

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Her pussy felt nice on his cock.

He fucked her while she screamed and moaned and came all over his cock.

She was quite a juicy girl.

Stanley fucked her until he came and pushed her onto the bed to finish her off with his tongue.

He drank her pussy juices and went back to nosh on her neck and drank more of her blood. Para-sexlaiv1 sex in wirral no sighn ups.

He went into her bathroom to find several bandages and bandaged her neck.

When he was done he compelled her to forget.

He kissed her on her cheek and disappeared into the night.

Stanley went back to his home and poured some of the blood into a champagne glass and put on the television. Telugu video sex chat.

He was quite pleased with himself.

Iris woke up the next day and noticed her neck was bandaged.

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She kind of remembered meeting a man but wasn't too sure if he had come home with her.

There was a lot of blood on her sheets.

She felt like she had sex but couldn't remember. Sexycassandra sexy video pron.

She could have just gotten drunk and fucked herself too hard with her vibrator.

That was always what she did when she was drunk and alone.

She looked at her neck and saw two little holes in her neck.

'Could she have met a vampire? Vampires don't exist though. Sex dating in allendale louisiana.

Or do they?' It was all a bit fuzzy and Iris knew she had drunk too much.

When she got up and went into the living room, there were the cheese and crackers and two bottles of beer that were open.

She must have had a guest.

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She was mad at herself for not remembering. Angel love sex.

She obviously had lost her virginity with somebody but couldn't remember who.

She hoped that whoever it was would call her again.

She fantasized that he was a handsome man.

She grabbed her book and made coffee.

She was desperately trying to remember.

The best part of it was she was no longer a virgin. Chaturbate sex toy.

Too bad she couldn't remember who she'd made love too.

She'd try her hardest to remember.

She hoped whoever would see her again.

This wasn't a fairytale though.

Not all stories have happy endings where the girl meets a man and they fall in love.

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