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I heard Susan softly mutter ‘oh no’ which I ignored, I had Kay to attend to.

I reached in the cabinet drawer and pulled out a pack of large wire bundle straps, the zip lock type that look like the ones police use as handcuffs these days. Free webcam babes.

As I am opening the package and without looking at either woman I draw a deep breath and slowly let it out.

“Susan, take off your jeans.

” I said.


Master” Susan replies. S2603001 webcam chat with fat ugly ladies free.

Kay watches as Susan unbuttons her jeans and slides the zipper down.

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She kicks off her shoes and shimmies out of her jeans leaving her standing there with nothing on but her small cotton panties.

I look up to see Kay staring at Susan’s crotch where a very moist spot is clearly visible. Millionairess live sex.

Kay takes a sharp breath in and a soft moan escapes her lips.

Are you more comfortable Susan?” I ask.

“Yes Sir” comes her reply.

“Hmmmm it looks like you have gotten your panties a little wet there Susan.

” “Yes Sir I have, but…but…I …I’m so happy to see you Master” Susan said.

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“And it didn’t have anything to do with you touching yourself did it?” I ask.

“Sir I am sorry …I did not have permission.

” Susan stammers.

“That’s right you didn’t but we will deal with that later” I said “right now your friend wants to know more so just go ahead and take the panties off to. Imagenes de porno.

” I tell Susan.

Susan strips her panties down.

I look at the coat hook above Kay’s head.

Judging by the size of the hook and the size of the screws holding it to the wall I know it will do for my needs. Tyronekane free sex chat no joining required.

Kay is staring at Susan’s nude body and pulls her ass deeper into the chair rocking her ass from side to side.

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