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A few moments of silence passed that seemed like an eternity to Alexis as Matt hugged her tighter to him and took a deep breath before softly saying I’m sorry sweetie.

I had no idea you were hurting so much.

I've never not wanted you.

Alexis, regaining her composure, wanted to interject but felt he had more to say so waited patiently for him to find the words. Married women wanting sex haji muhammad.

Matt eventually continued, his voice barely above a whisper, But I guess… lately… I’ve felt like I can’t.


like I don’t.

satisfy you as much.

" Alexis put her hand on Matt’s cheek so he would look at her and softly told him "But I've never felt unsatisfied.

" Alexis saw pain and vulnerability in Matt's face that she had rarely seen in him as he carefully considered his reply.

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Coaxing him, she said soothingly "It's okay baby.

I love you.

You can tell me anything.

" Matt paused for a few more moments before saying quietly "I want to make love with you, but I know I can’t last as long as I once could.

I can't.

I can't stand the thought of being less of a man in your eyes. The best sex girl boy.

I guess it just.

it just hurts too much.

" Alexis had noticed that their lovemaking sessions weren’t as long as they once were, but Matt always ensured she had one or multiple orgasms even if it wasn’t always during intercourse.

It had never occurred to her that he was bothered by it. Petite teen sex movies.

Alexis looked directly into Matt's eyes and told him I’ve never felt that you’re less than you once were.

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If anything you're more of a man now than you've ever been.

" She could see the relief in Matt's eyes before they wordlessly fell into a long embrace, feeling the need to just hold each other. Anymous text sex chat eith a man.

After a while Alexis whispered in Matt's ear "I wish you had told me how you felt.

I think I know of some things we can try together to help us both enjoy each other even more.

But only if you want to.

Matt pulled back from their hug, looked at her quizzically and asked hesitantly, What kinds of things? Hd online mom son sex. Alexis was a bit anxious but felt it was now or never to suggest ideas that she had wanted to try but had been too embarrassed to bring up.

Like you using my vibrator on me.

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Trying things that make it easier for you to hold out and for me to orgasm.

Those kinds of thingsshe trailed off, searching Matt’s face for a positive or negative reaction. Free sex webcam chat online without using email.

The smile that appeared on his lips and traveled to his dark green eyes first reassured Alexis he wasn’t upset, and she was thrilled when Matt replied with a small chuckle, Can we start now? While her leg still hurt a bit, the pain was forgotten as Alexis cupped his face with her hands, silently grinning and nodding her head yes while leaning in to place a soft kiss on his lips. Dualcosmo libe sex chat.

As she pulled back Matt reached for the flashlight, handing it to Alexis as he got up from the step and, much to her delight, reached down to scoop Alexis up in his arms.

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She giggled as she shone the light for them as Matt carried her up the remaining steps and down the hallway to their bedroom, gently placing her on the bed. Soniasexy best live cam chat.

As Alexis turned to set the flashlight facing up on the nightstand so they had a bit of light to see, the pink towel around her came upwrapped, exposing her nude body.

She instinctively reached to grab the towel and put it back around her, but Matt gently stopped her hand. Best ass fuck shemales.

She faced him and her heart skipped a beat as she saw a look of adoration and desire on his face she hadn’t seen in a long time.

You are so beautiful baby, inside and out, Matt murmured.

I’m sorry if I ever made you feel otherwise.

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A rush of relief and love for Matt welled up inside Alexis and she smiled her forgiveness at him and moved over on the bed so he could lie down with her.

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