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As I started moving forward, Paul grabbed the back of my shorts and pulled me backwards the thirty or so feet into his shed.

When we got inside he pulled my shorts down to my ankles and pushed me forward onto his workbench burying his face between my cheeks. Sohotmycock www nakedsex chatting com.

I’m always amazed at just how good it feels to have someone lick you in those most intimate areas and god did it feel good.

After a few minutes of sloppy tonguing and nibbling, Paul pulled his face out and slid his cock in til his hips bumped my ass.

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As he was standing there stretching me wide, he finally spoke and told me that he had something for an insatiable slut like me but first he was gonna get his first. Sexual enhancement herbal.

He started slowly with a firm grip on each of my hips, pulling almost all of the way out and then back in again, taking his time and driving me wild.

I was in another world as his fat cock rubbed back and forth against my prostate with every stroke.

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This was by far the longest he had ever lasted inside me and I was loving every second.

While he had increased his pace slightly, I was very happy that he was taking his time and did nothing to encourage his finish.

After a couple of minutes, he paused for a moment to spread my legs a little wider and get in a better position and I told him to take his time. Xnxx live sex chat.

When he resumed his probing of my inner-most regions he started to pick up the pace which brought me to my first orgasm.

My contractions nearly sent him over the edge too, but he slowed the pace and controlled himself until I finished.

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