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AJ laid the clothes pins on the bedside table and picked up the handcuff key that she had placed there.

She reached up and started unlocking Olivia’s hands. Cheap sex chat lines.

“I will remove the cuffs for now.

If you make one move to remove your mask, I will leave and this will never be finished.

You can touch me when I say you can touch me.

Otherwise, keep your hands above your head or on the headboard.

Agreed?” When Olivia nodded to her, AJ released one hand and then the other. Russian sex in pantyhose threesome.

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Olivia rubbed her wrists, shook her arms a bit to wake them up, and then laid them above her head.

AJ laid the key back on the table and crawled up beside Olivia.

She linked one hand with Olivia’s as she pulled her head around and kissed her for the first time. Raw latina sex.

The kiss filled AJ in a way that she felt herself moan against Olivia’s lips.

She didn’t remember a kiss ever making her feel so complete and turned on at the same time.

The kiss made her feel like she had just found the last piece to a puzzle that she had left unfinished for years.

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Yet, at the same time, her body immediately tensed up as she wanted more of the wonderful sensation.

Olivia kept her arms above her head but she turned over on her side and pushed against AJ’s lips. Sexy pictures of leann rhimes.

Her tongue was welcomed by parted lips, and she felt AJ’s tongue dance alongside of hers as they moved together.

AJ’s mouth was occupied but Olivia felt one of her arms move up and pull one of her hands around her side. Xangelsexxx private.

Olivia’s hands came down quickly and held AJ as she turned back over on her back and pulled AJ on top of her.

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