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He gave me a crooked smile and opened his mouth.

I poured wine onto his tongue and splashed some on his chest.

I drew my boner out of his hand, bent over and pushed his shoulder back.

My lips latched onto his right nipple.

It was a hard and rubbery knob, and it gave up a delicious salty-musk flavor when I sucked hard. Watch gia lashay fuck.

I then leaned across and did the same to his left nipple to get a fresh taste of musk and wine.

"Hmmmm," he responded, grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face tight into his chest.

I gave each nipple a few bites and licks then pushed him further back until he was lying fully prone on the rock. Makaleana webcam free xxx 3gp.

The light hairs on his rippled abs held drops of wine which I licked up.

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I dug the tip of my tongue in his navel and slurped up a thimble-sized portion from it.

When I got to his crotch, I licked the wine and spit from his bush while his dick pulsed hot against my cheek. Wannafuckthatpuss s bio and free webcam.

When I couldn’t resist it any more, I turned and dug my tongue into his piss slit then pushed it under his foreskin.

The tastes of our combined spit mixed with a bit of piss and sweat made my head spin.

He rubbed the back of my neck but didn’t push down or say anything. Gay webcam online tablet.

He wanted me to take my time.

The big, hard head of his dick was too enticing to hold back any longer.

I gently pulled on his shaft to draw the foreskin behind the flared rim of his glans and sucked the head firmly into my mouth.

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My tongue rubbed side to side on the anchor of his foreskin, just under the piss slit. Caprice sexy in the city.

I sucked hard and drew even more blood into his full cock head.

At that point, I started a rhythmic suck and squeeze, suck and squeeze before forcing the big head deep into my throat.

He raised his hips and push down on my neck to anchor his cock as deeply in my throat as possible. Hidden camera sex new.

Neither of us moved for several seconds, then I started flexing my throat muscles and twirling my tongue.

He dropped his hips and his cock pulled back out of my throat.

I squeezed the head between my tongue and the hard roof of my mouth.

He raised his hips then, driving himself back down my throat and I licked, sucked, and flexed to the cadence of his hips.

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Over and over he drove his dick down my throat, pulled it back into my mouth, drove it in, and pulled it back to let me massage it with my tongue, slowly and deliberately.

He had a lot of control so I could take him down to his root without gagging.

While he slowly fucked my throat I rubbed my hands over his tight abs and up to tweak his red, standing nipples. Girl stripping on webcam.

It was all so good that I simply wanted to keep going until I coaxed a squirting load out of him, but he eventually put his hands over my ears and raised my head off of his cock.

Just as it was escaped my mouth it twitched and left a glob of pre-cum on my lips before slapping down hard against his belly.

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He sat up as I straightened and stepped back, but his fingers dug into my fly and pulled me in close again.

I shuffled forward, straddling him until my feet were against the boulder and my knees at his ribs.

In a smooth motion he licked the underside of my dick as it smashed against his face. Webcam girls show video.

He trapped my cock head between his lips and curled up to drive it down his throat.

He paused two-thirds of the way down the shaft, gave a half gag, then pushed passed the narrows to press his lips down to the base.

His hands grabbed my butt and he held me motionless against his face. 2 girls webcam strip.

His throat was so damned tight and hot around my dick.

I flexed my cock and he hummed approval then drew his head back until he could dig the tip of his tongue into my piss slit.

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