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I’m going to see for myself, she said.

And with that she dipped a finger between my legs and into me.

I was wet and slippery and her finger slid right in.

Involuntarily I squeezed my legs together with her finger inside me.

Oh, yes, I can feel you do like this, she said. Alishatop webcam shuffle cam.

So wet and moist! I was embarrassed and didn’t really understand.

But her finger started sliding back and forth through my slippery lips.

My legs parted, seemingly on their own, and all I could do was think about how good it felt.

But how could this be? I was being punished! 6666mary6666 hot live sex. Spanked! And now my Aunt was rubbing my private parts and it felt good!It was s confusing.

Her finger slipped out and ranged back to my bum hole which was on fire.

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The moisture seemed to sooth it and I relaxed under her caress.

But I almost jumped out of my skin as she pushed it past the tight opening and into me. Foto sexy bible black porn.

W-w-w-what are you doing? I groaned and stammered.

This is all part of the punishment, she murmured, I need to see how warm the spanking made you.

But she slipped her finger out and moved her hand back to where it started and began rubbing my little nub which now felt swollen, hot and hard. Milena a toy webcam.

I could feel moisture rolling down my thighs but everything else was a blur.

I was of victim of how it felt and the feelings were simply too intense.

She kept it up and moments later I exploded in my first orgasm.

My vagina pulsed and throbbed and simply convulsed with pleasure.

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Not only was it completely unexpected, I had simply never imagined the possibility that it could feel this way.

I lay across her lap for a while longer with her rubbing and slightly slapping my butt and private parts.

But now it felt more tender than angry. Hot chocolate you sexy thing lyrics.

I simply didn’t know what to think.

But given how good it had felt, I wasn’t trying very hard.

After a bit she told me that she was proud that I had taken my punishment so well and that she hoped I had learned my lesson.

I was silent as I simply didn’t know how to respond. Mobile free sex webcam.

Eventually she pushed me off her lap, told me to pull up my pants and get going on my room.

After all, she said with a smile, you don’t want to be punished again, do you?

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They don’t all have a happy ending.

My butt still throbbing, I went to my room still pretty confused. Xxx sex garls vido cam.

I didn’t really like the spanking but I was dying to try the other parts of the punishment again.

And to think, my parents wouldn’t be back for 11 days.

It was going to be interesting to see how things worked out….

I started picking up my room.

The preceding is a fictionalized version of something that really happened to me when I was young. Top ten sex in the world.

I did have more interaction with my Aunt Clare those next 11 days.

If it is of interest to readers, I can write down more of it in the future.

let me know.

This is my first story, so I hope you enjoy! A special thanks to my new hero Naughtyann for all her help with my story.

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A few years ago I was out with one of my friends on a Friday night and, as we sipped our wine, we started talking about sex.

She started telling me about an older guy she had been talking to online.

He had been begging her to let him perform oral sex on her, explaining to her that his wife wouldn't let him and he missed it. Sexvideo webcam.

His proposal was that he would only go down on her with no expectations, so I jokingly dared her to let him.

As we continued talking she said that she had an idea, she would give this man what he wanted if I would give a stranger a blow job.

By now we were quite giggly and I said ok and I would let her know what happened. Chesaning michigan sluts fucking.

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The following Sunday, I decided the best place to find a man was the mall.

I wore a short, denim skirt with a top that scoops low in front.

Once in the car, I removed my bra and thong.

At the mall I looked around, but could only find a little old man working as a security guard. Old women fuck young staycation with a. blowjob xxx video.

Finally giving up on my search I decided to do a little shopping, as I was feeling good since I had drunk a glass of wine earlier on.

I felt so open walking around with nothing on underneath.

I went to Victoria’s Secrets and tried on a few little nighties, knowing my husband would love me coming home with something sexy. Www vidio sex com.

The exciting part was when I realized, in the changing room, that I would be completely naked.

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It would feel so naughty.

I decided that I couldn’t find anything that I really liked so I knew that my day had been wasted.

So, reluctantly, I made up my mind to head back to home. Camilla5144 sex.

As I was leaving the mall I spotted this young dorky kid in his early 20's working as a security guard.

He was smiling at me, so I decided to go over and ask what time the mall closed.

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