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Gus was almost crying when Debbie stopped.

"That was only a taste of what you'll get if I hear any more lip from you, Gus.


" I was shocked again to hear Gus meekly reply, "Understood.

" "Understood, Mistress," was Deb's reply.

"Understood, Mistress.

" "That's better Gus. Sexy girl and yankton.

Now, what I am about to do is to fuck you up the ass.

And if you say anything, you will also be chastised again.

Unless, of course, you choose to leave, permanently.

Are we on the same page, Gus?" "Yes, Mistress.

" Debbie lit another large cigar and attached a strap-on dildo. Find catawissa mo swingers sex milfs galleries swinger couples seeking sex.

She put on gloves and applied lubricant around Gus's anal area.

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Then, with two fingers, she primed his rectum.

Gus started to say something, but Debbie reminded him that any more words would result in harsh punishment.

She then removed the gloves and proceeded to slowly insert the artificial phallus into Gus's behind. Free sex at benld illinois.

Bernice and I watched spellbound.

I couldn't believe this was happening, the more so because Bernice seemed to be enjoying, and even getting turned on, by the total humiliation of her husband.

She told me to turn the other way on the bed so she could see everything, and she then mounted me, her cigar hanging from her mouth. Sex websites without signing up.

As Bernice lowered herself onto my shaft, Debbie langourously fucked Gus for a good ten minutes as she fingered her clitoris, her cigar hanging from her lips, of course.

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Gus said nothing.

When Debbie had made her point, as it were, she again removed the gag.

"How was it Gus? Porno photo alison tyler. I know it's sometimes not that great when you lose your virginity, but I was as gentle as I could be.

" "I can't believe it, Deb, but I do admit I liked it.

That doesn't mean I'm gay though.

You won this battle.

" "This is the last time I will tell you this Gus. Sex milena.

Bernice and I will be addressed as 'Mistress.

' And I didn't win just this one.

I win them all.

You are now, and always will be, your wife's slave.

You will treat her like a lady, and you will perform all household tasks, just as Jay does for me.

And you will be severely disciplined if you break the rules.

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Believe me, in time you will love your new life.

It has worked out very well for Jay and it will work out very well for you too.

But you have to know it in your deepest self.

You will have to admit that you really want it.

If not, you are free to leave.

Permanantly. Annaally free live sexcamchat nosignup.

Now, one last time, will you sign the contracts? Will you accept the new terms of your relationship with Bernice?" "Yes mistress.

" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I still didn't believe he meant it.

"I will release you Gus.

Just remember a few things. Monster cock big ass for hardcore sex.

If you go back on your word and don't sign, or if you make any trouble, these tapes that I made will be all over the Internet in hours.

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How would your daughters feel if they saw their macho daddy being fucked up the ass by Aunt Debbie? What would your friends think? Lora_palmer usa skype sex. Your old way of life really is over.

Do you agree?" "Yes mistress.

" Debbie released Gus, but not until she had blown one more plume of cigar smoke in his face.

When he rolled over, we all saw again that, unbelievably, Gus was very turned on by the whole experience.

"Okay, Gus, you've been a good boy now. Watch anime sex online.

I deem it worthy of a reward.

" Debbie returned the cigar to her mouth and mounted Gus.

He got the screwing of his life that night.

Bernice and I resumed our lovemaking and, in the back of my mind, I began to think that we would all live, as the cliche has it, "happily ever after.

" It was something of a surprise when I found out that Paul Dirk had been making love to my daughters.

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Both Susie and Becky were now in college and only came home during the holidays and the summer.

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