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Where’d that come from? Shit! I wasn’t ready.

Just then a bellow came from his team’s dugout.

What the hell are you waiting for? Do you want ‘em to gift wrap the goddammed ball? At least swing at it! I can’t believe I just let him throw a sweet fastball right down the middle of the plate. Seeking sex.

The smirk on the pitcher’s face really irked Hollywood.

The pitcher got into his wind up.

Hollywood dug his feet in.

He was total concentration.

As the ball came out of the pitcher’s hand, Hollywood glued his focus onto it.

He swung, dropping the head of the bat to meet the ball. Live camp video sex.

He barely felt a thing.

One usually does not feel much impact at all when they crush a baseball like that.

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The ball took off; it seemed like it would go into orbit.

It did come down.

In fact, it came down somewhere well past the empty left field bleachers. Female strap on sex stories.

It might have landed on the roof of The Oasis Massage Parlor that was across the street from the stadium.

Some of the players had received happy ending massages over there.

But Hollywood didn’t want to settle for a cheap handjob.

He had the batgirl on his mind. Free movie online watch sex.

Truthfully, she really was on his mind as he trotted around the bases.

Looking over his shoulder, he wanted to know if she was watching.

Of course, she was; everyone in the stadium was watching him.

Hollywood’s teammates were all piled up at the entrance of the dugout to congratulate him on his monster shot over the bleachers.

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Some smacked him on the head, some slapped his butt, and some punched him in the arm.

It was their normal congratulatory ritual.

But there was one butt slap that lingered.

Yes, lingered! Hollywood almost freaked.

He sure did not want to be felt up by one of the guys. Malta sex workers.

But as he quickly jerked around to see who it was, he was greeted big, pretty blue eyes and long blonde hair tucked under a baseball cap.

Great hit.

Lizbeth’s smile was mesmerizing.

Thud! A hard smack to the back of the head knocked Hollywood out of his staring trance. Boys fuck and cum.

He quickly jerked around to see who had smacked him in the head.

Homer Joe was in his face.

What’d I tell you, Holl-eee-wood?

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Uh, um, yeah, coach, I wasn’t- Yeah, you was.

The manager’s stern face then turned to a smile, Great hit, keep it up.

Homer Joe punched him hard enough on the upper arm to make it sting. Sex chat video indian.

Hollywood found a spot on the bench and plopped down.

Javier, the second baseman, took a seat next to him.

Hollywood, man, Javier said in his thick Dominican accent, you got a thang for da Coach's daughter.

Hollywood exhaled impatiently.

Not so good, man, Javier continued. Francesca li porno foto.

We got all dose fine ass Annies over dere, and dey just wantin’ to give us — give you some of dat fine ass pussy.

Look, you don’t need to worry ‘bout me.

But I do worry ‘bout you.

All dem hot ass American groupies over dere and you just be a starin’ at Coach’s daughter.

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You know Coach want her to finish college an’ he don’t want her seein’ any of us players.

She’ll get you messed up man, an’ you got da best chance of any of us a makin’ it to Boston.

Da bigs, man.

Da Show! Javier shook his head.

Just don’t fuck it up.

Hollywood nodded. Playing wow while having sex.

I hear ya, dude, I hear ya.

When the game ended, the Fightin’ Fish had beat the Waycross Swamp Bears 5 to 4, thanks to Hollywood’s eighth inning homerun.

As he made his way behind the dugout into the dressing room, he grabbed the trainer by the arm.

My shoulder is just a little stiff after that throw tonight, can I get some ice and heat treatment? Hidden camera sex in the bus. Yeah, but I ain’t hangin’ dude, answered the trainer, so ya gotta do it yourself.

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Ice bags in the freezer over there and we got heatin’ pads on the table by the door.

Right, self-serve ‘round here.

Hollywood rolled his eyes.

Just another reminder, I ain’t in the big leagues yet. Paketpussy webcam.

Grabbing a large cold pack, he stripped and sat down on the bench in front of his locker.

‘This ice bag sure does feel good,’ he thought as he draped that large cold pack over his shoulder.

Within minutes everyone else had showered, dressed and gone.

Hollywood actually thought he’d enjoy the solitude while he iced and heated his shoulder for a while. Android webcam adult chat.

While he sat icing his shoulder, Boston came to mind, knowing that a video of his awesome throw, combined with his towering homerun, would be watched over and over by the Red Sox upper management.

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He was dreaming of Boston’s Fenway Park and smacking homeruns against the top of the Green Monster. Live sex cam4 usa.

He was dreaming of a multi-million dollar contract.

The solitude was peaceful, and soon Hollywood felt like he could doze off.

That was until he was startled awake.

Hey, big guy.

His eyes shot open and he immediately sat up straight.

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