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It went a bit easier this time and I could feel every freaking centimeter, I felt so full by the time the rounded base had nestled in my asshole.

I turned the toy over to align the T part with my ass crack and shuddered at the feeling.

It felt good, in a different sort of way. Pantyhose transgender lick penis and fuck.

I should've done this earlier in the week to get a couple of practices in, but it was too late now.

Fuck, I hope I can last the night.

I bent over to pick up my heels and moaned as I felt the increased pressure from the plug.

As I locked the door to my flat, I finished the last line of the chorus, albeit much softer.

"That's why this woman, is a slut.

" ////////////// While driving through the city my body was getting used to the foreign object lodged inside of me.

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I got a little shiver every time my left leg rose to push the clutch pedal and soon I was horny as all hell.

By the time I reached the restaurant I was ready to jump the valet that was so busy gawking at me he gave me a key to a Lamborghini.

"For me? Really?" I joked while giving them back to him and sauntering off towards the entrance. Tatan211980 sex chat erotica.

The restaurant was beautiful.

It was dimly lit and there was a soft, babbling waterfall fountain in the far east corner, directly opposite of a four sting quarter that subtly filled the room with its influence.

Chandeliers covered the ceilings but were only there for secondary lighting as each table harbored three cylindrical candles in the middle that created this intimate, sensual atmosphere.

"Hello there, mademoiselle, do you have a reservation or are you meeting someone this fine evening?" Holy fuck, I don't know this man's name.

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Shit, what do I do, describe him? "Oh yeah, he's a middle aged rich white guy.

" Dumbass.

As I surveyed the area wondering how I could reply to the host, I locked eyes with my Saint Patron of Penis hanging out a table through a see-through wall of various wines.

"Ah yes he's right over there, love, thank you!" I replied gleefully.

"Well, allow me to escort you," he said while grabbing a menu. 121 webcam sex uk.

As he rambled on about fish specials and wine pairings I felt a jolt climb my fucking spine as if Zeus himself had installed Mount Olympus in my asshole and was launching thunderbolts at the walls of my anus.

That cheeky fucking bastard.

The plug was vibrating. Webcamgirls co.

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I could practically feel the vibrations in my pussy as it rumbled against the nerves in my ass and traveled through my entire body.

I don't know what the fuck it was about being in my ass but holy shit.

I had to grip the railing for a second as they ran the course of my entire body, the feeling was so unfamiliar it was driving me crazy.

"Is everything okay, mademoiselle?" "Yes, yes, sir. Free sex chat sites no registration.

Everything is fine," I responded to the concerned maitre'd.

I could see him through the transparent wall of wines pretending to be engrossed in his menu.

What an ass.

We rounded the bend along the wall and he set my menu down on the other side of the table as my "partner" got up to greet me.

"How was the drive?" he asked while engaging in a stiff, formal embrace.

"Fuck you, a vibrating butt plug?!" I whispered.

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He ignored my barb and turned to sit down but before he could resume his place I adeptly squeezed past him into his side of the booth and pulled him in along with me.

"Do you mind if I sit next to you, I'm a little cold," I said with schoolgirl sarcasm.

"I don't think it's appropriate, All-" "You move to that other side and I'm leaving," I told him matter of factly. Porno video webcams teen.

He paused for a moment.

The king of the pride was being challenged by the lioness, the power he derived being in control warring with his carnal desires.

My eyes were full of nothing but fierce determination as we locked gazes, my conviction was starting to waiver the longer this reincarnation of Eros stared into my very soul.

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I was literally about to back down when he let out an existential sigh and relaxed next to me.

Close one.

"Are you wearing underwear?" he inquired.

"The slit on this dress is way too high for that, it wouldn't look good.

" "Good.

" As I eased into the recesses of the booth I was aware of the plug again and could feel it pressing against the wall of my vagina as well, adding to the myriad of sensations I was already going through. Young emo webcam.

I'm glad it wasn't as strong as the one I had in those panties because it probably would have been uncomfortable, that shit was too strong.

This plug was like drinking beer after hard liquor, it kept you level.

I was at this base sense of elevated arousal.

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I stole a glance at him in his three-piece suit and just imagined him picking me up, hiking my dress to my waist and just absolutely wrecking my pussy on this table.

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