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Jerking her finger off the button, she added, because I’m getting tired of your fuck ups.

It’s me, can I come up?Alex?Wendy cheered up, it wasn’t Andy after all.

Yeah, can you buzz me up?asked Alex.

She sounded weird.

Are you crying?Wendy grimaced.

Wen-dy!Oh, right. The essex.

Chagrined, Wendy pressed the door button.

She’d been living here for three years, but still didn’t know how long to hold the button down.

She leaned on it for ten seconds, just for good measure.

Andy only rated a one second buzz.

Wendy walked back to her bedroom to put something on. Old man virgin girl sex.

There was plenty time before Alex made it up, the building's geriatric elevators were on the critical list.

But Alex banged on the door before Wendy could get more that her bra and panties on.

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Coming,she yelled.

Alex knocked again.

Jesus, Alex.

Hold your damned horses. Teenie infantil nakeds porno.

Wendy got to the door and threw it open.

Alex stood in the hallway huffing air exactly like she’d run up twelve flights of stairs at a sprint.

Apparently she’d done it in four inch heels.


In addition to the strappy heels, Alex wore a choker and a chic collarless black leather coat cut short to reveal a miles of pale leg. Sexy ledy pic.

Alex clutched the coat closed with both hands, preventing Wendy from seeing her dress.

Tears distorted her heavy makeup.

Wow,said Wendy, I don’t know whether to comfort you or lick you,she teased.

Alex teared up, looking pathetic.

Aw, ba-by.

Come here,Wendy said, opening her arms.

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Alex unclenched her coat as she ran into Wendy’s arms.

The distraught woman simply held her friend in a death grip, pressing Wendy’s head against her chest.

Alex’s bare chest, Wendy noticed.

Even smothered, she could tell Alex wore nothing underneath her coat. Blonde cougar erica lauren loves black cock big tits sex video.

I didn’t realize flesh tones were in vogue.

Ha ha,Alex hiccuped.

She sniffled.

I need a tissue.

Alex untangled herself from Wendy and walked to the kitchen for a paper towel.

Wendy kicked the door closed and tracked Alex’s movement, worried, but also unable to take eyes off her beautiful, upset friend and some-times lover. Freelocal female sex chat text in rooms jawa.

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Nice jacket though,said Wendy, softly.

Alex came back out into the living room and sat on the loveseat with a huff.

Want to talk about it?How about some wine?I can do that,she said, going to the kitchen.

Wendy opened a bottle of red and poured two huge glasses sensing it was no time for moderation. Snapchat of sex.

She sat down next to Alex, handing her one glass and drinking from the other.

Wendy noticed the sparkle on Alex’s left hand.

Oh, is that what I think it is?She eyed the ring like it might bite.

Yeah, HE proposed.

Alex extended her arm and looked at the ring set with a green gem. Live webcam chat with girls.

I can’t say I’m completely happy about that, confessed Wendy.

Alex put down her glass, twisted off the ring, and throw it on the table.

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Happy about that?Um, maybe?Wendy said.

You look miserable.

Aren’t you supposed to be thrilled?I was until about an hour ago,said Alex. Black teen webcam solo.

Picking her glass back up, she took a heavy gulp.

What happened?I don’t know.

How can you not know?Good wine,Alex said, taking a sip, which she savored.

Thank you.

He proposed last Saturday.

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