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OK, I am going to cut us a couple of lines, roll up a bill, OK? She left my lap and slid the other chair next to mine, while I was removing a crisp $10 bill from my wallet.

I rolled it up nice and tight, while Diane pulled a triangle shaped envelope out of her handbag. Sex wife hidden cam.

She reached over to a drawer in the kitchen (she didn’t have to leave her seat) and pulled out a razor blade.

Next she opened the envelope, which was really a half page of a magazine folded neatly, and inside was a sizeable amount of a white chalky/rocky powder. Free lesbians webcam chat.

Diane poured about a quarter of the coke on the plate and proceeded to chop the rocks and spread the power into some nice thick lines.

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I reached to my left and handed her the rolled up bill and she placed it next to her right nostril and then she closed her left nostril by holding it down with the index finger on her right hand. Sexy photo sexy sexy photo.

Diane bent over and started inhaling one of the six fat lines she had created on the plate.

Half way through the line, she switched the bill to her left nostril and sucked up the other half of the line.

She handed the bill to me while she made a couple of inhaling sounds to be sure that she got all the powder up her nose. Live webcam seks.

She walked to the kitchen, opened the fridge and pulled out two Budweiser cans and came back to the small table.

I was just finishing up my line and she sat on my lap again like she did just a moment ago and kissed me deeply.

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I slid my hands under her shirt (a cute white cotton button down number), so that I could feel her skin. Mobayl sex.

Her skin felt as good as it looked.

I was massaging her lower back as we kissed very passionately.

I loved the way she stuck her tongue behind my upper front teeth and licked the roof of my mouth and back of my teeth.

I loved the fact I was kissing one of my dream fucks and was really getting into the kisses. Sexy playboy bunny outfit.

Diane pulled away from me and opened our beers and handed one to me and we both drank a big swig directly from the can.

We sat down the beers on the table and started kissing again, deep tongue kisses and both of us hand our hands up the back of each others shirts rubbing the small of the back.

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We finished our kiss and looked at each other and we both started laughing at the same time.

We realized without even speaking that this was probably an evening we wanted to have a lot earlier and at the same time, this was the only time it was going to happen. Sexy blonde nude babes.

After we finished laughing, I stood up without letting go of Diane and held her in my arms with her feet about six inches above the ground.

Well, this is a night we are going to remember, huh? I asked.

Absolutely, now kiss me again I love the way you kiss me. Pyliotdedyli 100 free sex chat.

Diane answered.

We kissed again and drank some more of our beers and tooted another line.

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We smoked a cigarette chatted a lot and Diane said We smell like we just came out of a cheap bar! I am going to take a shower.

Immediately after she said that she slipped off her clothes and stood naked in front of me. Sex clips categories.

She smiled and started walking towards the bathroom.

It didn’t take me long to take off my clothes and follow Diane to the back of the apartment and the bathroom.

By the time I entered the bathroom, the water was warming up and she was waiting for me, just outside the shower. Homemade webcam xxx.

We held each other and kissed again.

Diane whispered in my ear I love you, Tony.

Tell me you love me too, I just want to hear those words, it makes me hot.

I love you Diane, tonight is my dream come true.

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I replied, knowing it was just part of an exaggerated comment to make the evening more interesting. Catrulet sex video.

Fuck, she was hot.

This was a body that could have been in a swimsuit ad.

She was olive skinned, not an ounce of fat on her and the best looking ass you could imagine.

She had small breasts, but they were so perky, they looked as good as Sheila’s big ones. Bisexual cum galleries.

She had the body of a twenty year old, even though she was probably 35.

Diane stepped in the tub and said the water was warm, so I followed her in the shower.

She wasted no time in kissing me and rubbing her body up next to mine.

She had a bar of soap in her hands and she started rubbing the bar on my chest and created quite a bit of lather.

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In a few minutes, we had soap suds all over us and were having a great time kissing and soaping each other.

I was in the middle of rubbing soap on Diane’s back as she had her hands pressed against the shower wall directly beneath the shower head.

I continued to wash her back with my left hand as I slipped my right hand between her legs and started to rub her pussy. Wolf berry s chaturbate webcam.

My index and middle fingers slipped right inside her cunt and Diane let out a very sensual moan.

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